Civil "Wartoons"
by Michael Aubrecht, Copyright 2006
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Many Civil War enthusiast groups hold yearly conventions and banquets that are referred to as "musters." Often these groups will provide commemorative t-shirts, bookmarks, or other special items for members to take home. Sometimes the themes are very dignified, while others take a more "tongue-in-cheek" approach. That is where I come in. Before I became a writer, I was a graphic artist and I am now offering my services as a designer. I have a large library of flexible Civil War "doodles" that can be manipulated and customized to fit your group's theme or slogan. There are many characters to choose from and I can combine a variety of images to create almost any scenario.

General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Products & Services
Civil "Wartoons" = Hysterical History

Each "wartoon" is meticulously researched for authenticity. All graphics are delivered in both hi-resolution (print format) and low-res (web-ready) for use in promotional materials, iron-on transfers, web sites and more. I support both PC and Macintosh platforms and can deliver the digital files in a variety of formats including EPS, TIF, JPG, PDF (and more).

Email for pricing. *Discounts for non-profits.

Samples below: bookmarks for CWi chat room's "Gettysburg 2006 Muster" and iron-on transfers for Lee's Lt's "Gathering of Eagles."

General JEB Stuart

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