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Right Stripe Media LLC was officially formed in 2010 when Clint Ross, an independent filmmaker and graduate student of the Savannah College of Art and Design partnered with historian and author Michael Aubrecht, a Visual Communications graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Both principals had come together to co-write and produce the critically acclaimed documentary “The Angel of Marye’s Heights.” Following the success of this highly original and dramatic piece, Clint and Michael decided to combine their talents in order to better channel their wealth of knowledge and experience from the film and publishing world.


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Right Stripe’s focus is to bring unique stories to life in a manner that resonates with the audience. Historical themes and stories that examine the nature of man are of particular interest. Ross’s dynamic visual style, combined with Aubrecht’s award-winning pen, create a complete experience that leaps off the big screen. In addition to film production, Clint and Michael frequently deliver a full-program at their screenings. Speeches, promotional materials, media interaction, associated exhibits, and venue-prep immerse the audience in the film’s theme. At their first premier, the theater was SRO within 15-minutes of opening and forced to close its doors and hold a second showing. Within a week, they were booked to hold screenings across four states.


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Critics have called their work “brilliantly crafted and superbly done.” Audience members have added “breath-taking, hauntingly beautiful, and stories that need to be told."


The Angel of Marye’s Heights




ABOVE: Clint and Michael discussing their thoughts on historical film-making. 
BONUS: Watch a 28-minute video of the Director and Producer speeches.

Director's Interview: "Angel of Marye's Heights" Premiere from Scott Eyestone on Vimeo.


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Michael C. (Clint) Ross is a writer, producer, director and editor. He is a MA graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design in Film and Television. Clint grew up in Athens, GA, and was a carpenter for nearly 10 years before spending time as a Young Adult minister in his hometown. After a personal and life changing conversation with Ken Wales, the Executive Producer of the film Amazing Grace, he pursued an education and career in film. Clint’s life goals are to tell inspirational stories that capture the imagination and soul, and to be a loving husband and father. Clint Ross IMDB page

Michael Aubrecht, a.k.a “The Naked Historian” has worked as a journalist, writer, art director and media specialist for Baseball-Almanac, Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Marshals Service. He has authored multiple history books, as well as hundreds of essays for magazines and newspapers. A popular tour guide, speaker and radio guest, he is vice chairman of the National Civil War Life Foundation, personal copywriter for Mort Kunstler and the founder of The Jefferson Project. Michael is also a happily married father of four and an active Presbyterian. Visit his website at the Pinstripe Press.


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