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Pinstripe Press Blog: Author and Historian Michael Aubrecht
May 30, 2006
Open Thank You Letter to Southern Legal Resource Center
Dear Sirs,

My name is Michael Aubrecht and I am a Civil War author and historian from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am emailing you today to express my gratitude for all of the wonderful work that you do on behalf of citizens wishing to acknowledge their Confederate ancestry and Southern heritage. I spent the better part of this morning browsing through your WEBSITE and quickly came to the conclusion that the persecution of those wishing to share the history and legacy of these fine Christian soldiers continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In addition, I found it very ironic (and disturbing) that the very same organizations that claim to fight for the civil rights of some - seem hell-bent on taking them away from others.

For years, liberal scholars have referred to the Confederate States of America as a ?hypocrisy? and questioned how a country fighting for independence could also deny that same freedom and liberty to it?s own citizens held in bondage. In all honesty, there is some merit to that statement, and I would be both ignorant and incorrect (as a historian) to deny the sins of slavery. However, this was but one aspect of the Southern Cause and cannot be used to judge all that served under the Stars and Bars. Regardless of one?s motivations or intent, history must be preserved for future generations and I am very glad that organizations like yours are on the front lines fighting the good fight.

Unfortunately, people today are more concerned with making accusations - instead of educating themselves first - in order to draw fair conclusions. This practice goes against the very fabric of our nation, and is doing a great disservice to the memory of these gallant warriors. ?Disrespect? is the word that repeatedly comes up in my own debates. Although I have no personal blood-ties to the Confederacy (my relatives did not enter this country until 1912), I have been very outspoken on this subject and have published several editorials that support both the flying of the Confederate flag and the freedom to express one?s Southern pride.

My first two books, ?Onward Christian Soldier: The Spiritual Journey of Stonewall? and ?Christian Cavalier: The Spiritual Legacy of J.E.B. Stuart? were written and published as a testament to the Christian character and patriotism of these two men. I firmly believe that we can learn by their example, as it was these traits that ultimately gave them the strength to perform on the battlefield with such courage and conviction. Still, some have felt the need to chastise the work and refute my overt ?admiration? of Confederate generals. As a writer, I welcome everyone?s opinions and critiques, but I also reject the insinuation that all who pay tribute the Confederacy are backing a racist agenda. (As a Christian, I am anything but a racist.) Simply stated, if the service of one?s duty to their God and country is not worth remembering ? then nothing is!

In closing, I want to reiterate my gratitude for your own courage and conviction. I plan to frequent the SLRC's website often and I also intend to add a link to it on my personal website. God Bless.

Michael Aubrecht
Pinstripe Press

Posted by ny5/pinstripepress at 12:49 PM EDT
Updated: May 30, 2006 2:38 PM EDT
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May 30, 2006 - 8:42 PM EDT

Name: Joan Morrone
Home Page: http://members.christiansunite.com/members/blog/lovedby

Came by for a little visit. Didn't have a chance to read anything else but I wanted to comment on this one. I am a Yankee from Pennsylvania but I love the south. I lived in Asheville, North Carolina for a few years

I fell in love with the south when I stopped at a restaurant for breakfast in Virginia. Just two little things did it. I was served grits with my breakfast. Never had that before but I liked it. As I was leaving the waitress said "Ya all come back now, ya hear." I did on two different trips back and forth.

Anotehr thing that impressed me was that I forgot how to get back on the expessway. I happened on a quaint little street lined on both sides with trees, everyon was white then pink etc. It was so beautiful.

Someone told me they hated yankees but it wasn't true. When I decided to go back to Pa.my customers didn't want me to leave. I was a waitress in Woolworth's Harvest House.

Always a great reader, I favored historic romances and mostly about the Civil War period. I didn't take sides.

I especially liked the stories about the first lighthouse built on St. Simon's Island Georgia. Both based on a true story. If I ever got the chance I'd love to visit the place.

I rambled on enough. I got more reading to do and try to put one or two more articles on my This & That blog.

I'll be back. Joan

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