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LINER NOTES: Onward Christian Soldier:
The Spiritual Journey of Stonewall

“...a close-up view of the heart of a man who seeks God in his pursuit to be all he can while acknowledging sovereignty and providence in the Almighty God of the Holy Bible.”

This is a story about faith. A story filled with the kinds of heartache and hardships that would leave many Christians questioning their own beliefs. It is a love story that is filled with sorrow, testimony, hope and despair. It is a life story that reaffirms the power of prayer and that all things in Him are possible. It is the story of a man who suffered greatly, but chose to embrace the will of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as the foundation for a legendary life.

As a Christian, each believer has been enlisted in the Army of the Lord and assigned a duty to live by the teachings of Christ and spread the message to the masses. As soldiers, those who follow the Word of God are ultimately called upon to serve their Blessed Savior. These principals are the genesis of the Christian Soldier. Thomas Jackson was one of those warriors, who answered the call of duty from the Lord. Later his newfound faith grew stronger than the sword he carried and more powerful than any cannon he faced on the battlefield. Ultimately, his belief forged the greatest “weapon” of all, which was love. And that “weapon” enabled him to live and die for the glory of his God.

Recorded and distributed by the Pinstripe Press, Fredericksburg, Virginia. Made in the U.S.A.
2 CD-set, narrated by the author w/ instrumental and 2 hymn tracks Runtime approx. 2-hrs.


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