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Why the name The Highlander? The New York Yankees franchise was originally named the Highlanders from 1903-1913.

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Opinionated pieces are very welcome, but please keep it clean. When writing historical or statistical based stories, please include a list of your reference materials. We reserve the right to refuse any that do not meet our standards.

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Marvin Terry is an award winning cartoonist who has always been a huge New York Yankees fan.
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Welcome to our debut edition!

Letter from the Editor
Michael Aubrecht Pinstripe Press

As Baseball-Fever's Message Boards continue to grow in volume and popularity, so has the fan base of true baseball die-hards that frequent them. Our little corner, the Yankees Message Board, features some of the best commentary and analysis that this site has to offer. In an effort to share even more opinions and information with true Yankee die-hards, we have decided to publish this monthly newsletter dedicated to baseball's most storied franchise.

Each issue will feature historical essays, player tributes, season commentary, fanclub info, merchandising classifieds, etc. with links to other related Yankees points of interest on this site or the web. All issues will be archived and posted on the Pinstripe Press website. A true e-fan mag, written BY the fans, FOR the fans. We are always looking for help, whatever you want to contribute, your words, and your ideas!

Copyright © 2002-2003. This e-newsletter is a free, non-profit, unofficial, independent source and is not affiliated with the New York Yankees. The opinions expressed solely represent the contributor's and do not reflect the views of the Pinstripe Press or Baseball-Fever. Best viewed with latest Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers in 1024x768.

Website of the Month

Simply the BEST baseball information source on the Internet. This site is rich with facts, stories, famous firsts, quotes, autographs, stats, records, and other information not readily found on commercial sites. Sean Holtz is the founder of Baseball Almanac and has dedicated countless hours to preserving the history of our National Pastime. His site has rapidly grown into an interactive baseball encyclopedia filled with thousands of pages full of in-depth facts and statistics. Check it out today!

The Highlander
Vol. 1 Month 2003

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"The Yankees don't pay me to win every day, just 2 out of 3."
Casey Stengel

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