Press Release 2/06: Michael Aubrecht will be appearing with several other Civil War authors including Jack Maples, David Trimble, Gary Walker and others at the Gathering Of EAGLES event in Harrisonburg, Virginia on April 8-9.

This is a unique event, designed to enlighten all who desire to learn the causes and effects of the War Between the States. Individuals educated in all aspects of the contest will involve themselves in discussions that will not only entertain the listener, but educate and stimulate them to seek further knowledge of America’s conflict.


REAL Reenactors: Living History with Lee's Lieutenants
by Michael Aubrecht

The Dictionary defines a reenactor as, "a person who recreates a character in a historical event such as a battle," or "a person who portrays history as a pastime." This is true. Unfortunately these two passages do not even begin to describe the contributions to the preservation of American history that period-reenactors provide. With reverence for their character beyond that of any actor preparing for the stage, these men and women dedicate their lives to educating the public while maintaining the honorable memories of their ancestors. In essence, as "living historians," they themselves are the attraction. It is an expensive hobby, but the benefits are priceless as without them, the stories of our nation's heroes would inevitably be forgotten.

Without question, the most popular reenactments are those depicting America's Civil War. Since their inception in the early 1900's, there have been hundreds of reenactors chartered across the country, each portraying a multitude of brigades and companies. Some are better than others, but all of them strive to look and act the part. To my knowledge, no other organization has accomplished this better than "Lee's Lieutenants" and "Pickett's Gamecocks." As a writer, I struggle to describe them as words alone cannot illustrate how much these men actually resemble their characters. Most impressive is the absence of "Hollywood" illusion. There are no fake beards or facial prosthetics in this group. These generals look just like the men they portray 24/7. In fact, they are so uncanny, attendees to their events might feel as if they actually traveled back in time, if only for a moment.

Their organization, christened the "Headquarters Army of Northern Virginia" was formed in 2003 for the purpose of promoting and teaching the history of the war for Southern independence. To date, the group boasts ultra-realistic portrayals of Generals Lee, Longstreet, Jackson, Pickett, Early, Armistead, and others to include several of their staff along with civilian impressions. Some members have appeared in TV documentaries, while others have been captured on-canvas while posing for Mort Kunstler. The addition of equally accurate horses, spouses, and children round out the group's complete cast. It is truly a family affair and well worth the price of admission.

Recently, I was blessed with an invitation to appear as an author at an upcoming event hosted by Lee's Lieutenants. Needles to say, I am absolutely thrilled as it is both an honor and a privilege to be sharing the same bill.

The event is the Gathering of EAGLES which takes place April 8-9 at the Rockingham Country Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, VA.

For more information on this amazing group and their upcoming appearances, visit the HQ of the ANV online at Lee's Lieutenants.




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