There are other sites of historical significance nearby. This includes places like Lansdowne, the Reynolds's House over off Lansdowne Road and the Hamilton House, which stood overlooking the tracks on Benchmark Road. Other sites include trenches that run along the golf course and the battlefield itself which is perhaps our most hallowed of grounds.

If I accomplished one thing this evening I hope that you have come to know that your backyards are so much more than a piece of a neighborhood. They are a piece of our history. And that Lee's Hill is much more than just a subdivision, it is a very special chapter in the history that is 'Fredericksburg, Virginia.'

Thank you all very-very much.

I did want to share my web address with you: You can get information on my books. Also my upcoming lectures. I would like to invite all of you to come to my talk on the historical churches of Fredericksburg. This event will be at Spotsylvania Presbyterian Church on April 24 from 7-8. I'll also be at the University of Mary Washington in May speaking on the life and death of Sgt. Richard Kirkland: The Angel of Marye's Heights at the Fredericksburg Civil War Roundtable.

Now I'll be more than happy to take any questions. [END]