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Historic Churches of Fredericksburg
by Michael Aubrecht

9.7x6.6. Softcover. 128 pages.
78 photographs & illustrations
(August, 2008
The History Press)
ISBN# 978-1-59629-393-9

This highly original book presents the story of five historic houses of worship in the town of Fredericksburg Virginia with historical significance from the Civil War and Reconstruction. These include:

  • Fredericksburg Baptist
  • Fredericksburg Presbyterian
  • St. George's Episcopal
  • Fredericksburg United Methodist
  • Shiloh Baptist (Old Site)

Special attention is given to the accounts of the local civilian population, as well as the common soldiers on both sides.


Houses of the Holy recalls stories of rebellion, racism and reconstruction as experienced by Secessionists, Unionists and the African American population in Fredericksburg's landmark churches during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. Using a wide variety of materials compiled from the local National Park archives, author Michael Aubrecht presents multiple perspectives from local believers and nonbelievers who witnessed the country's "Great Divide." Learn about the importance of faith in Fredericksburg through the recollections of local clergy such as Reverend Tucker Lacy; excerpts from slave narratives as recorded by Joseph F. Walker; impressions of military commanders such as Robert E. Lee and "Stonewall" Jackson; and stories of the conflict over African American churches.

"Although I vehemently maintain that it is extremely important to honor and acknowledge this aspect of our heritage, we also have to recognize that there were two other groups of citizens who were sharing the same wartime experience. These would be the local Unionists and the African American population. Therefore, there are actually three different perspectives to consider when reviewing Fredericksburg, Virginia’s history during the Civil War. This book shares them all."

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