2008 eCard: "Monticello Winter" by Michael Aubrecht "As it is for many people today, Christmas was for Jefferson a time for family and friends and for celebrations, or in Jefferson’s word, 'merriment.' In 1762, he described Christmas as 'The day of greatest mirth and jollity.'" – The Jefferson Encyclopedia


2007 eCard: "Janie Corbin and 'Old Jack'" by Mort Kunstler For a fleeting time in 1863, Jackson's inner heart was revealed to all who were in his presence. In the winter of 1862-63, Jackson made his headquarters at Moss Neck Plantation on Virginia's Rappahannock River. The plantation was owned by Richard and Roberta Corbin, who had a young daughter named Janie, known for her friendly, delightful personality. While visiting with Janie's parents, Jackson and the child developed an endearing friendship - encouraged, perhaps, by the fact that Jackson had a newly-born daughter he had not yet seen or by the barren conditions of his own childhood. (Source: Mort Kunstler Gallery)


2006 eCard: "Divine Guidance" by Mort Kunstler While spending the winter of 1863 in quarters at Moss Neck Plantation General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson forged a close relationship with his host's five year-old daughter Jane Wellford Corbin. Unfortunately, on the very day of his departure, "Little Janie" contracted scarlet fever. Reports from the Corbin home seemed hopeful, and the general expressed his wishes for a speedy recovery. A day after establishing his new headquarters, however, Jackson received the awful news: his little friend Janie had suddenly died. Jackson - the great and mighty warrior whose hammer-like blows had driven the enemy from so many fields of fire - wept aloud. Then he unashamedly knelt and took his burdens to the Lord in prayer. (Source: Mort Kunstler Gallery)


2005 eCard: "To Fairfax For Christmas" by John Paul Strain Having recently been engaged in the battle of Dranesville, on December 20th, General JEB Stuart was ready to see his wife again and take part in the season's festivities. When the duties of war subsided, JEB always enjoyed good music and the chance to gather with friends and family. Such was the case during the Christmas week of 1861. This would be a special Christmas for the Southern Knight, one he would be spending with his wife Flora and their children. (Source: Allen's Creations)




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