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Hometown Heroes

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are among the most loyal and passionate in all of football. If you grew up in the steel-city during the 1970's like I did, you still bleed black and gold. From 1994-2001, I hosted a website called "Steelerweb" and published an e-Magazine entitled "The Black&Gold." For years, I (along with other fanclubs) built a huge Internet following while paying tribute to our beloved team and it's fans. I also produced an online catalog for sharing my hobby of collecting autographed Steelers memorabilia and cards. Eventually, this led to some of my first professional writing assignments for clients like and the Dick Butkus Football Network.

Unfortunately, the NFL decided that revenue-generating fan-sites were unacceptable and many webmasters were threatened with legal action. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sports-writer Chuck Finder was responsible for a lot of our heavy traffic during the early years when he highlighted many of us in his Steelers Site of the Week articles. He was also the first member of the press to support us by writing another article dealing with the "No Fun League's" crusade: NFL crackdown on Web sites. Thanks Chuck!

I folded, but other members of the Steelers Nation refused to go quietly and are still online today. Although I have moved on to other publishing endeavors, I still frequent their websites and applaud their convictions. In honor of our team finally winning "One For The Thumb," I want to share some of my own player tributes that I posted back in 2002: Hometown Heroes, as well as links to my Top 3 favorite Pittsburgh Steelers fan-sites.

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