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A Study of Pheromones

Eric Wirkus - Spring 2002 Semester - Honors Tutorial

Outline of the Semester

This webpage is going to discuss social insect pheromones and human pheromones. Social insect pheromones are some of the best understood and identified pheromones. Therefore, I am going to use them to demonstrate function, structure, location, etc.

There has been a rise in the study of human pheromones and use of synthetic and natural pheromones over the past few years. The recent popularity of human pheromones is what captured my attention and lead me to research them further. Many other pheromones have been identified in other animals, including reptiles and mammals.

This introduction is just a note that other pheromones besides those in social insects and humans do exist. However, I am not going to discuss them in great detail due to the overwhelming amount of information and the similarities they have to insect and human pheromones.

1. What are Pheromones?
2. Function of Pheromones
3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Pheromones
4. Structure and Location of Pheromones
5. Development of Synthetic Pheromones
6. Use of Synthetic Pheromones
7. Comparison of Synthetic and Natural Pheromones
8. Conclusion


Dr. Cannon's Homepage
University of Scranton

I would like to thank Dr. Cannon for dedicating his time and effort to helping me with my tutorial. Please come back and visit again!