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Name: Peregrin Took
Aliases: Pippin, Ernil-i-Pheriannath, Pip
Date of Birth: 2990 T.A.
Race: Hobbit
Height: Around 4 1/2 at the end of the War of the Ring
Date of Death: FO 65
Alignment: Good
Parents: Paladin Took, Eglantine Banks
Spouse: Diamond of Long Cleeve
Date of Marriage: FO 7
Children: Faramir I

Physical description: Taller than all other hobbits, and thinner than most. Thick curly brown hair on head and feet.

Biography: A long time friend of Frodo Baggins, he was, although not by the choice of Frodo at first, a companion on the road to Rivendell. After the Council, Pippin was very adamant that he intended to join the Fellowship, whether he had the approval of the Council or no. Though he made two very crucial mistakes along the road, first tossing a stone into the well in Moria, and second, looking into the Palantir, Pippin far surpassed proving his worthiness. Notable deeds concerning Pippin's tale in LotR include, aiding in the rousing of the Ents, and after travelling with Gandalf to Gondor, offering his sword in service to the Steward of the city. In the final battle of the War of the Ring, Pippin was narrowly saved by Gimli, when he was crushed under the body of a mountain troll.

Peregrin's life after the War of The Ring: Peregrin inherited the title Thain of the Shire in the year IV 13 (1434 by the Shire-reckoning). During his Thainship, he remained in close contact with Gondor, and built a library of great historical importance at Great Smials. The works he collected were mainly concerned with the history of Númenor and the Exiles after its Downfall, and so were of little interest to the Hobbits of the Shire, but were of great significance to the larger world. The Tale of Years was probably prepared at Great Smials, with help from Meriadoc Brandybuck.

Credit to and Glyphweb.