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Welcome to my Patti Scialfa site!

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June 2007

On this site you will find the latest news about Patti, a biography, discography and lyrics. There is also a collection of pictures, interviews and album reviews.

August 2007 Update: Well the update I'd planned for the end of July obviously hasn't happened yet! I've been so busy these past couple of months (I moved!) that I haven't had the time to finish it all. I'm working on it now though and am hoping to get something up soon. When exactly that'll be I don't know, but with Patti's new album coming out next month I'm of course hoping to get it done by then! Thanks for visiting!

June 2007 Update: I donít know if people are actually visiting this site, but just in case some of you are finding their way over here and wondering why the site hasnít been updated in a while (2 years actually. Shame on me!), wellÖ Iíve been busy. Very busy. However Iíve decided itís time to do something about this place and I'm hoping to be done with updates and everything else sometime around July. Iíll be working on the layout and well everything thatís on the site. I know the site itself isnít all that much, but hey I try. Thanks for visiting.

Why this site?

I've been a fan of Patti's since the first time I heard Rumble Doll, years ago. In April 2004 rumors about Patti's second album, 23rd Street Lullaby, started surfacing and soon thereafter, they were confirmed. I realized there weren't many sites solely dedicated to Patti and decided I would try and create one. I started collecting all the information I could get. At first it was just a very simple page with some biography information and lyrics. As time went on and the publicity for 23rd Street Lullaby started, I added different pages such as the interview and review section. The site has gone through many different layouts but this one, is for now anyway, the last one I'll make.


I know this website is nowhere near perfect and it's always a work in progress. [There's a limit to how much I can do with the help of tutorials on the web ;-) ] I hope you enjoy this website about Patti Scialfa as much as I've enjoyed putting it together. I will try and update it on a regular basis. Questions and/or comments are always welcome and can be send to this or this email address. I've had problems with spam emails in the past, so if I don't reply, I apologize and ask you send your email again. If you have some time left, please sign my guestbook. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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14 February 2005 :
Joseph Scialfa passes away

Joseph Scialfa, Patti's father passed away on March 12th.
My sincere condolences to Patti and the Scialfa family.
more details


18 January 2005 :
Jury duty for Patti

Patti was called to serve in a jury. Read the full story.