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National Organization of Federal Employees Against Abuse and Retaliation


A proud member of The Coalition for The International Criminal Court

The National Organization of Federal Employees* Against Abuse and Retaliation - N.O.F.E.A.R. - was created to fight for, and protect, the human rights of United States Federal Employees from undue abuses by corrupt Federal Agencies. We intend to pursue a course of legal rectification of the many injustices and criminal actions used by the United States Government against its own employees.
(*and Former Federal Employees)


Join our new MESSAGE BOARD today to keep in touch with other activists around the globe. Post what is happening with your group, ask for volunteers, or use it to find a job with a group that shares your own concerns.

Join our new MESSAGE BOARD today.

N.O.F.E.A.R wants to make July the Whistleblowers Month
Get Ready to blow the Whistle on Government Crimes, Corruption and Waste.

N.O.F.E.A.R. wants to make July into Whistleblowers Month, and to make every July from now on National Whistleblowers Month. The National Organization Organization of Federal Employees Against Abuse and Retaliation wants to clean up government corruption and waste by urging all Americans to get ready to "Blow The Whistle on Government Crimes, Corruption and Waste." We want all Federal Employees and Military Personnel to start gathering evidence of crimes, corruption and waste and go public with it every July. N.O.F.E.A.R. is urging everyone to start getting involved in the only way that is effective. Bring the crimes, the criminals and the waste out into the open next July. N.O.F.E.A.R. is going to publish a list of News Agencies and activist Groups that you can go to with your story.
We are asking every Activist Organization in the United States to join us in this action and help us plan a series of rallies throughout the month of July, 2005, across the nation. We are actively seeking Federal employees who want to go before the news cameras and tell their stories to the world.
Please contact the National Organization Of Federal Employees Against Abuse and Retaliation at and give us a general outline of what corrupt practices are going on in your organization that you want to bring to the light of day. Activist groups should also contact us to coordinate your activities with ours.

Federal Employees Who Have been Abused Or Victimized By The United States Government Are Asked To Join With N.O.F.E.A.R. In The Filing Of A 1503 Human Rights Violation Procedure With The Office Of The High Commissioner For Human Rights At The United Nations, Geneva.

If you work, or have worked, for the Federal Government, and been the victim of abuse, harassment, or retaliation, then you are asked to submit an outline of your abuse to the National Organization of Federal Employees Against Abuse and Retaliation.
We are seeking abuse victims with good cases to join us in filing a 1503 Human Rights Violation Procedure against the United States Government through the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations.
Your complaint must show the existence of a consistent pattern of gross and reliably attested human rights violations. Thus, your complaint should include a detailed description of the facts, evidence of the violation, and state which rights have been violated.
Who can bring a complaint? According to the United nations:
“Anyone can lodge a complaint with a committee against the (United States Government,) claiming that his or her rights under the relevant treaty have been violated. It is not necessary to have a lawyer prepare your case, though legal advice usually improves the quality of the submissions. Be aware, however, that legal aid is not provided under the procedures. You may also bring a claim on behalf of another person on condition that you obtain his or her written consent. In certain cases, you may bring a case without such consent. For example, where parents bring cases on behalf of young children or guardians on behalf of persons unable to give formal consent, or where a person is in prison without access to the outside world, the relevant committee will not require formal authorization to lodge a complaint on another’s behalf.
What information do you need to provide in your complaint?
A complaint should be in writing and signed. It should provide basic personal information - your name, nationality and date of birth - and specify the State party against which your complaint is directed. If you are bringing the claim on behalf of another person, you should provide proof of their consent, as noted above, or state clearly why such consent cannot be provided.
You should set out, in chronological order, all the facts on which your claim is based. A crucial requirement is that your account is as complete as possible and that the complaint contains all information relevant to your case. You should also detail the steps you have taken to exhaust the remedies available in your country, that is steps taken before your country’s local courts and authorities. You should state whether you have submitted your case to another means of international investigation or settlement. (If you have then you cannot file a 1503)
In addition, you should supply all documents of relevance to your claims and arguments, especially administrative or judicial decisions on your claim by national authorities. It is also helpful if you provide copies of relevant national laws.
You should contact the National Organization of Federal Employees Against Abuse and Retaliation for further information before submitting your information. Contact us at:

Click here to obtain information regarding the 1503 Procedure and your legal right to file such a complaint.


Great Documents of Freedom!

On this page you will those documents that have expressed the recognition of Human Rights throughout the centuries. They have appeared in times of struggle, oppression, and desperate conflict to show the way to freedom to all who have lived after. They are an intrinsic part of the foundation of true civilization. Read them and take the time to learn about those who wrote them and the conditions in which they lived. It will give you an understanding of yourself and humanity that is above ordinary understanding.




I am making this statement because I have been the victim of serious crimes committed against me by the United States Government. This is because I have dared to try to speak out and expose a great evil and seek to have it stopped.


Please click on the link above to read my statement.

Ronald Judd Moore,
Founder & Organizing Chairman,
Founded June 10, 2003