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Chapter 8

“ok, red top, and a jean skirt, I hope not too many people have her sense of style” said Linda as she expected her friend to come out of the plane
“shit, no it isn't her too old.... why am I so nervous?” just searched for a face in the crowd
Suddenly she saw something, could it be her, she smiled of relief , she didn't knew why but she knew that face had to be her....
The girl's eyes were searching for something, until they met Linda's eyes... ohhh it had to be her.

She started walking towards her, and then:
“Linda? Is that you? “ a deep voice asked her
“Yup, it’s me...”
“Oh My God.... you are here.”
“Yup I'm here big sis, to make  your life miserable” Trish said as she winked at her “Common give me a hug, ok?”
“Oh Yeah sorry T, man I'm so glad you are here” as they both melted in on strong sister's hug
“Oh yeah I can see that but what about getting something to eat, that plane food was yah know yackkk, and you know me, always hungry...”
Linda smiled at her friend, she was all she ever imagined, strange it may sound but she is, the colour of her hair, the sound of her voice, even the cute portuguese accent her english had, she was there, her sister...
“Ok, I think there is a Mickey’s D right around the corner, let's get something to eat”


(Trish narrating)
So I am here , wow strange how I fell relieved...
Linda is just one great person. I just got settled in her apartment and it looks so cute, with all those colours she love, light but sweet. My bedroom is really nice it is all in light yellow, and it has one king-size bed and a walking in closet, it is nice because I really have a lot of clothes.
I took a peek into her room, it is light green, it is really nice and in one of he walls she has this enormous Nick Carter poster, she had talked  about it once in a while...
I love this view, ok so it’s not trees and animals like in my bedroom window, but I can actually see people and well I just love to see them walking, wondering what they are thinking trying to help them.
Linda had to get out, and I'm not facing that crowd alone but:
“How does this girl eat? She doesn't have anything in the fridge.....eww s.....this was suppose to be an yogurte ... this looks alive!!!!”
“Oh well, so I’ll wait for her and the we will see”
She told me she wasn't that much of a cooker, lol this is gonna be one interesting experience, I'M SO GLAD I DECIDED TO COME”

(Linda narrating)

So she is here wow,  she is really her, wow. You know what, i always had this felling about we two, I fell we are so close... She totally freaked out when she saw the apartment, I love him too, but wait until it is all messy and then tell me again you love it...he he he
Gotta go to the bank, do some groceries, normal stuff and of course, get in line to buy the tickets to the show of our lives, it’s gonna be my welcome surprise, she is gonna pass out .. ha ha ha
Anyway, I think she is a little scared, don’t know, my whacky friend, is afraid, well I would sure be if I had made the change she did in her life, but I'm sure it is for the best and we are gonna have so much fun together I can almost fell it...

“excuse me madam...” the streets were full, and she wanted to go inside that store in oxford street
“Oh I am so sorry miss I didn't realized I was in the way” the old woman moved away from the door
“No problem..”

So anyway I’ll see if I can get something nice to wear, something .. hmmmm PINK Yeah!


“Trish I'm  home, help me out will yah?” she couldn't even see Trish in between of all the bags she brought home
“Oh my , you went grocery??? I was gonna tell you we had to, how do you even get fed huh?” as she reached one of the bags her friend was trying to hold
“Ha ha ha funny... hurry up girl”
“But today you don’t worry coz T is gonna make you stomach yell from pleasure ha ha ha”
Linda just jump into her big couch, and then she heard that comment...
“U are gonna make me what ha ha ha” she couldn't help laughing
“You wait and you'll see...” as she started putting away the groceries and started cooking.
Linda just looked at her and smiled “fells good to have a sister” she thought
“yes it does” Trish said out loud
“Huh?” Linda just got up and wondered what was all that about, Trish just turned around and gave her one of those smiles.
“How did? ..How did you do that?” the words that came from her mouth
Trish just gave her another smile..
What was that all about?

chapter 9