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Chapter 53

Trish narrating

So it has been more than a week  since me and Linda have join the guys on their tour. Italy was great, and Spain was just amazing,  to say the least.

Things between Linda and Nicky boy seem to been going wonderfully, well they are like glued in one and another, I don't wanna admit, but I can tell you guys, I know you can keep it a secret, but, I think they really look cute together. lol Yeah, you've heard it, I kinda like Nick now, coz well he makes Linda happy and what else can i ask for?

Oh, yeah, almost forgot , I have to tell you guys about Spain, yeah right, well, first of all it seemed like the ones who were performing the concert weren't the  backstreet boys at all but me and Linda, can you believe that? Like everywhere were girls holding signs saying Linda+ Nick= love and well Leticia+Howie=love, can you believe that? Linda cried like a little kid when she saw that. Man these fans really run fast.

Second, me and Linda and Leighanne came on stage with the guys, yeah Leighanne had joins us there, and it was really nice, coz they were really so sweet, and man I shared a tear or two when I saw there was a portuguese comity there, those girls really  deserve the world.

We are now at the airport at Berlin, Linda and Nick are on the other side of the plane and I swear I can hear both of their heart beats. lol

Guess they are nervous huh?


"Trish? what do you keep on writing on that diary? " howie asked as he hold her hand.

"Stuff, just stuff"

"Well we are almost there"

"Great I can't wait to see the show"

"The show? what show?"

"The girlfriend's parents attack part I"

"ha ha ha, yeah that show ha ha"


"Nick, please let  my hand free" Linda told Nick who was sweating from all pores.

"What? oh sorry I guess I'm not award of how strong I really am" he said losing up her hand a little

"Are you nervous?"

"hmmm, well, maybe"

"Well, I sure am"

"Fine, coz I'm fucking scared"

"Scared, of what? of my parents?"

Nick nodded

"look Nick,  maybe my dad will be a little hard on you, but I'm sure that when they get to know you, they'll love you like I do"

She said as she take his hand and started walking.

"Now let's see where are they"

Nick then faced a middle age couple that was looking their direction. The lady had the same beautiful blue eyes as Linda.

"awwwwwww mamma!" Linda yelled as she let go of Nick and went on to hug her mom, she then hugged her dad as they talked a little and Nick just stood there not sure if he should go on and join them.
Linda then walked his direction with her mom and dad, Nick felt his stomach tighting up.

"Mom, Dad, this is Nick, but I guess you already knew that" Linda's mom, and him shacked hands as Nick felt Linda's dad's eyes  staring at every single detail of him, and stopped at the big tattoo he had on his arm

"shit I forgot all about it" he thought

"Hey Nick, I'm  Frederich Linda's father" he started as they shook hands " If I said I was thrilled with what she did, I would be lying, I wasn't and I'm not, but, " he looked at his daughter "i can see she is all happy, and I want in his life is  for her to be happy, so, it's nice to meet you" he said as he hugged Nick

"well, thank you sir, I just wanna say  that  Linda makes me really happy too, and I promise to take good care of her"

"You better, or you'll regret it" he said as Nick gasped

"But now, Linda, where's your luggage, we need to go home"

"But dad...  "

"You are not staying on an hotel, you're coming with us, then Nick can visit you there"

"Yeah Nick, we would like to invite you to dinner tomorrow"

"Ok, thanks"

Linda gave him a quick kiss.

"I love you, I'll call you later ok?"


Nick stood there watching here as she walked with her parents.

"Well it wasn't that bad after all" he said out loud

"So you faced the beasts?" Trish asked as she came behind him and he jumped a little of the surprise

"shit you scared me,  well they weren't that bad, but well now she is staying at her parent's"

"Well,  they must miss her a lot"

"yeah, i can understand and all, but what about me? alone on that huge hotel room"

"Sissy, scared of the dark are yah?" she said as she laughed a little

"Let's not  start it again, please"

"What? what?" she asked as he rolled his eyes at her


As their parents opened their front door a new wave of sweet childhood memories came running back at Linda. She walked at her old room and saw it was exactly as she remembered it, same posters, same colors, same smells, same dreams. She laid down on that so familiar  bed as she stood there staring at the giant backstreet porter she had on the ceiling.

"AJ, you are one wild dude, but sweeter than what everybody thinks;  Kevin, oh kev kev, what can I say about you? Howie, Howie, Howie, you sure are Sweet D. it's a pity Trish just isn't able to fell more then one beautiful friendship for you, Brian, my dear Brian, you really know how to treat a girl, and you are the  greatest friend anyone can ask for." her eyes now faced  Nick's "And Nick, my love, knowing you started  being the worst thing that happened to me and ended up being the biggest gift from heaven, you've been my confident, my friend my lover..." she stooped as someone opened the door

"hey sis, what's up with that? you arrived and you didn't  even came to say Hi to your big bro?"

Linda got up and hugged her brother.

"Thomas I'm sorry, I was just tired and I came upstairs.."

"yeah yeah excuses, you have a lot of explanations to do to me, what's with that backstreet boy?"

"well, i was gonna tell you all about that"

"yeah, yeah, when , when you were married  and with a bunch of kids?"

"Thomas, come on, I'm sorry"

"So tell me all about it"

"Fine,." she said as they sat by her bed "It all started when one day this friend that worked at this club, her name is Trish..."


Howie , Trish and Nick came down to the hotel's restaurant to have some dinner.

"Man I already miss Linda" Nick said as he played with his fork at the table

"Come on Nick, she'll be here  in no time for the show" Howie said

"Yeah, with her parents and yeah, with her brother, and leave Nicky all alone"

"Man, can you just quit it?"

"hmm I think not" she said as she laughed a little and their orders arrived

"Great i was starving here" Nick said as they brought him his double cheeseburger

Trish stood  looking at the food as she felt he stomach acting pretty strange.

"Oh shit..." she said as she got up from the table and ran to the lady's room"

"Trish , what''s wrong sweetie?" Howie asked but she didn't answered she was to busy running.


A couple of minutes later Trish stood there looking at her reflection on the mirror, she spread some cold water on her face but she still looked like a ghost.

"What the hell is wrong with me?"

There was no apparent reason for that  throwing up, maybe she had caught some strange stomach virus, maybe just her stomach acting strange, maybe.. maybe.. "Oh shit what day is it today?"    she thought a little "shit  22, 22 of April it  should have started last week, I can't believe this... what if? oh no, it can't be, please God no, no, but, like I'm never ever late. Now, calm down Trish, maybe it's nothing just the stress and all, no way  I can be pregnant I always use something, well always" thoughts of that day with AJ on the office " oh shit, we didn't use nothing that time"

Chapter 54