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Chapter 45

"Shit, this just isn't real" AJ said as he was walking down of the streets of London, he had been walking for hours now, trying to get his thought in order but no good.

"She just didn't do this to me... fuck an D, man he'll be with her, having her, I just man I can't bare to think about it, man no, and Nick, he knew it, he knew it, all that talk earlier he fucking knew it all" he reached for his pocket and got his cell off.

"Nick?" he called

"Hey it's me, how's it going?"

"Not so well bro, not so well.."

"Oh  I see. "

"You knew it didn't you? you fucking knew it?"

"look Bone, yeah, but I just found out, when you told me your girls name was Leticia, and well T is Leticia, they just call her Trish, but then I confronted her and she told me the truth."

"And what about D? Does he know it?"

"No, I don't think so AJ, he wouldn't do that to you"

"Yeah, man this is just so fucking unbelievable, all this time, when he told me about Trish, he was talking about my woman.. man"

"Are you ok Bone? Did you guys talked?"

"Yeah, we talked and she has made up her mind, but Nick I dunno if I'll be able to take it"

"You will , you'll see you'll soon find another girl, and you'll see"

"No Nick, no way, I think I just had enough of it, I'm just gonna focus on my career, and try to live on.."

"You know D asked her to come with us on the european tour right?" Nick asked as he noticed AJ wasn't talking " AJ? are you ok?"

"Well, not really little bro, but I'll be, I'm sure, I just need some time, to think things out"

"yeah I understand it"

"Nick, I'll be later and we talk it out ok?"

"K, take care"

"yeah I will, don't worry, I ain't gonna do something stupid"

"just don't"

"I wont, bye"

"C yah later"


A couple of days went by, Linda had just came out of the hospital,  and of course she and Nick were just on cloud number 900000000, Trish had told her boss that she was gonna quit and he was very disappointed with it, after all she had been great to the bar, but she already had made up her mind.

The last week for the boys on british lands went by normally, Leighanne returned back to USA she had this really important role on a movie, but she would meet the guys back in España, or better saying in Spain. By the other hand, Howie was suspecting something was up with AJ, every time he asked him to go out with the rest of the guys or something he just acted all rude around him, there was definitely something going on, but well maybe it was just coz he had breaking up with his girl. Howie was all happy with Trish coming on tour with him, her yes meant a lot to him and he was going to do everything to win her heart.


"T, bring me some orange juice will yah?" Linda called from her room

"Man, you are enjoying this aren't you?" Trish said as she got Linda a glass of juice.

"hmmm, actually I am" she said smiling as Trish sat there by her bed.

"So, how are things between you and Howie?" Linda asked as she saw the shadow in Trish's eyes

"Well, they are ok,, you know we are starting all over again, he takes me to nice places, and all"

"Oh, seems like tons of fun" Linda joked noticing something was up with her friend.

"Don't joke, he is really a nice guy and all, and I'm making an effort, I swear I am"

"Yeah, I can see, and what about it?"

"What about what?"



"What's wrong with you girl? Man, what about the sex?" Linda asked

"Man, you've been around that jerk too long"

"Don't diss my boy and answer my question"

"Well, it's ok, I guess" Trish said

"OK? is that all you have to tell me?"

"man, who am kidding? we just had that time once, back then when we met, I just can't I just can't" Trish said as she got up from Linda's bed.

"What? you mean, that since you are boy and girlfriend you two haven't?"


"and what about him?"

"Well he tried , too many damn times, but I always came up with excuses"

"oh, but you know if you are coming with the guys on tour, you like have to sleep on the same hotel room as him and all"

"yeah I know, I know, but I'm not worried with that, I'm worried I just can't hide my feelings from Alex, that's what I'm worried about"

"Well Nick told me that AJ didn't take it nicely at first, but that he is ok now"

"Yeah, and I'll be ok too"

"Yeah, that's my girl"  she said as they hugged

"So when will we go to french?"

"je pense que samedi" Linda said

"Awww my girl speaks french huh, trés bien"

" well I gotta practice, when I have to say those french girls to take their dirty hands of my man"

"I'm happy for you, you did it, you have his heart"

"Well, I'm happy for me too" Linda said as they both laughed.


"So Nick what you think if we should sing this new song on the the concert in Paris, and then..." kevin asked as he looked at Nick and noticed he wasn't even listening.

The boys were having a meeting with everyone that was a part of the back street team.

"Nick? Nick? NICK???" Kevin yelled as Nick jumped of his seat

"shit, what Kev? No need to scare me that way I'm here" he said as he looked at everyone and saw they were laughing of his face

"Man, can you please bring your ass back here? I think you were flying back at Linda's apartment for a moment" AJ said as Nick cut his eyes at him.

"man, I was just thinking.." Nick answered

"Wow that's new" Brian added  as all the guys started laughing hard.

"Fine, fine, just come on, bring it in, you are just jealous of my happiness"

"Nah, common just stay with us for a moment will yah?" Howie said as they went back to business.

Chapter 46