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Chapter 43


"Oh you're back!!" Linda said as she saw Nick standing at the door watching her.

"Oh, yeah, well I took a little longer coz I decided to go by the hotel change and all" He said as he kissed Linda.

"I missed you" she said

"I missed you more" she said as they were there playing with each other noses.

"No I did" Linda said.

"Kids, kids please" Kevin said

Nick got up, and took a look at Trish who was there standing next to Howie who was holing her hand, she looked like she had been crying, could it be her?

"Nick, what about AJ?" Kevin asked as Nick noticed the change in Trish's look just off the sound of AJ's name

"Nick? I asked you something why the hell are you staring at Trish?" Kevin asked as Trish looked back at Nick.

"Oh, yeah, AJ  stayed in the hotel, he said he had to take care of that little issue with Sally, you know, just don't know if the girl is worth it all" he said as he took another look at Trish

"well I guess I better get back to the hotel then I've gotta.." Kevin said as Howie and Nick took it from there

"You've gotta call Kristin" both of them said

"Yeah, right gotta call her"

"Guys, leave him alone, I think it's sweet, he misses his wife" said Linda as she hold on to Nick's hand and he looked at her smiling.

"Just leave it Linda, they are just two big kids" he said as he winked at her

"Hey watch it Big boy, no winking at my girl!"  Nick said as all of the rest of the guys started laughing

"Ok, Ok, don't wanna mess up with THE Nick Carter" Kev joked "But I'm leaving now, check you guys later"

"Wait, Kevin, I'm going with you too" Howie said as he gave a quick kiss on Trish's mouth and left

"Bye" he then said as he walked out with Kevin.

Trish just stood there by the corner, as Nick played with Linda's and but he couldn't help to stare a Trish now and then, and if it was really her, what would the guys do?

A nurse came in.

"Sorry, but you two have to leave now, the patient needs some rest"

"Awwww, but I don't want them to leave" Linda said

"Sorry, doctor's orders"

"Oh, don't worry sis, I really gotta check out the bar and all" Trish said as she kissed her friend good bye

"Well, and I have some stuff to figure out, but I promise I'll be here tomorrow ok?" he said as he gave her a quick kiss "Don't go missing me too much"

"Impossible, I already miss you and you are like standing right here on front of me" she said

"No, don't worry we'll have plenty of time to be together when you leave the hospital, now be a good girl."

"Ain't I always?" she said doing puppy eyes as he laughed a little.

"Yeah, you are sweetie, now get some rest" another quick kiss as he looked back and saw that Trish was leaving.

"Wait T, I need to talk to you" Trish stood there wondering what the hell di he wanted to talk to her.

"Yeah sure, but only on the way to the bar, I'm late already" she said as she took a look at her watch

"Fine by me, let's get a cab"


"So what did you wanted to talk to me?" she said as both of them got inside of a taxi.

"Well, T, do you like to sing?"

"Huh? What kind of question is that?"

"Coz I remember that one time back in the bar you did great and all, but like, do you really like to sing?"

"yeah, yeah, I love to, always wanted to be like a singer and a dancer you know, but why are you asking?"

"Don't you by any case, have, you know, just like by chance, met AJ did you?"

Trish's face turned white from the question and she went speechless. Nick by the other hand, noticed her lack of words from his question and insisted.

"You know AJ, the tattoo dude, terrible lack of style, thinks he can sing, the one from the band I'm in?"

"I know who he is, but why the hell are you asking me this Nick?"

"Well, maybe coz well he is in love and, strangely her name is Leticia too, and her description man, suits you , and she sings, and ops... I think THAT GIRL IS YOU!" he yelled as she stood there looking at her, as tears started coming from her eyes.

"Good going Nick now you made her cry" Nick thought

"Nick.." she said in-between her tears "I didn't mean it, like one minute I met Howie, and he just this great friend and all, and he cares so much about me, but then I met AJ, and you know, I always had this big crush on him, and.. and I think I really love him" she said as she started crying harder.
Nick stood there not knowing exactly what to do, at first he was really angry with her for playing that two side game, but, there she was, crying, helpless. She then turned to face him with tears on his eyes.

"But, look Nick I promise  I wont go on the way of AJ and Sally, they are engaged and this was just one big mistake, " she said as she wiped away the tears "I know Howie likes me, and I like him too, so he asked me for a chance and I'm giving him that chance, I really think he deserves it"

"But, but what about AJ?"

"What about him?"

"What do you think he will think when he sees you with his best friend?"

"Man, he is engaged, I just know this was just nothing , just nothing, but, I'm gonna talk to him, I promise I will"

"You better, but I'm not that sure  of what you said"

The taxi stopped, they had arrived to the bar.

"No, I know what I'm doing Nick, and I'm not just gonna be the other, I am not cut for it, bye" she said as she close the door

"Shit, man, this ain't good, just ain't good" he thought

"Look Sally, I'm telling you, this just wouldn't work" said AJ as he was there at his hotel rom trying to explain to Sally that  their relationship had no future.

"But, what's wrong ? what have I done? " she said with her eyes filled with tears

"You haven't done nothing, you are still the best friend I could ever ask for, but..."

"But you don't love me, you never did, but that's ok, I have enough love for the both of us" she said as she reached for him

"No, Sally you are not listening to what I'm saying, I'm sorry I'm causing you pain, I never wanted that, but it's for the best"

"For the best? For the best? I love you AJ" she said looking at him

He then reached for her, and hold her, as she hugged him tied.

"Sally, don't make this any harder, please"

"No, Aj don't leave me" she said as she went for his lips and started kissing him

"No, sally don't do this to me" he asked

"I want you , I need you, one more time, please one more time" she said as she went and took his shirt

"Sally, no.."

"Please." she said as she started unboating his trousers, and started taking her own clothes off.

AJ was felling helpless, he didn't meant to hurt her, but she just didn't gave him any chances.

"I need you" she whispered as she moved more confortable so that he could enter her.

AJ just stood there, letting her do whatever she wanted. He prayed so that moment could just end, just go away but he was just too weak the flesh was just too weak. He closed his eyes and a picture of Leticia smiling suddenly appeared, this wasn't right, this just wasn't right.

"Sal" he called "Sally, just move off me" he said as he grabbed her arms and throw her to the bed.

"This just isn't right" he said as he picked some clothes "I'm going out, when I arrive I don't wanna see you here, I tried to do it nicely but you just ..... forget it, please leave" he said as he closed the door behind and Sally just stood there crying.

Chapter 44