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Welcome one and all to the....

<font type="Matisse ITC">The Realm of Nicodemus</font>

Welcome, weary traveler. I am Nicodemus, and I welcome you to my Divine Realm. Come within, place your cold, tortured soul by the Sacred Fire, enjoy an ale or two, and relax. I personally welcome YOU to my first website creation. It is a true labor of love. I hope you enjoy your stay while you are here, and please sign the guestbook!

All About Nicodemus (the man behind the insanity!)

Pictures (updated!)

September 11th Tribute




The Art Gallery (new!)

The Photo Gallery (Update coming soon!)

The Waterfall Gallery (Soon to be updated!)

Nicodemus, Up Close and Personal (new!)

The D.R.I. Show!!!

WELCOME TO THE REALM OF NICODEMUS....Enjoy your stay, sign the guestbook, tell me what you think.

The new guestbook! Feel free to leave a thought or two. (slamming will get your entry removed from my book, just to warn)

I am user: adc9475 or darkexorcist75 on AOL Instant Messenger! Drop me an instant message on Yahoo Instant Messenger at: adc9475 as well. :-)

The Realm of Nicodemus is an ever-growing website. I will be updating as much as I can. Be sure to check back often!

I am on! Add me to your friends list!

The Realm of Nicodemus is hereby dedicated to Bonnie Blue Greenberg. 6/26/2005 RIP.

Email me at: nicodemus 75 at hotmail dot com (sorry spammers!)