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Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority
Southern California Rapid Transit District
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
All-Time Roster Home Page

By Michael T. Greene

This list has been compiled from a number of sources, and is based on a number of articles in the misc.transport.urban-transit and la.transportation newsgroups appearing in late 1995 and early 1996 regarding buses formerly used by SCRTD. This is not a "final" roster, since LACMTA is still in business, and this list will se revisions to relfect that fact.

A number of items were also taken from Eli Bail's book "From Railway to Freeway-Pacific Electric and the Motor Coach." In addition, items were taken from the books "The Cars of Los Angeles" by Jim Walker, who permitted this researcher to examine an SCRTD roster from 1975, and "Cars of Pacific Electric, Volumes I & II" by Ira L. Swett, (Interurbans Specials 28 & 36 respectively); some details on the early New Look buses came from John McKane's 2000 book "The GM New Look Archive," and some acquisition dates on used buses came from Walker's article "Los Angeles Update" in the July-September 1996 issue of Motor Coach Age. Additional information was obtained from various issues of Western Transit (for whom this compiler is in debt to the current editor, Edmund Buckley, for information on some Ford Cutaway buses) along with it's predecessor, The Booster, as well as various builders lists of GM and Yellow Coach buses. A not of thanks must go to Tom Jones, curator of the Motor Bus Society Library in Hopewell Twp, N.J. for allowing the compiler of this list to examine those records. In addition, thanks are due to Andre A. Kristopans for information on the New Flyer low floor buses.

As far as the newsgroup articles, a number of people have posted articles in the la.transportation newsgroup that were noted, including articles by Richard Eyre-Eagles, Steve Hoskins, Guillerimo Merino, Charles K. Powell, Kymberleigh Richards, Gerald L. Squier - who is also owed a note of extra thanks, for allowing the researcher to examine records of some Los Angeles Railway and Los Angeles Transit Lines buses, along with lending some insight into the early history of LATL - and Fred Young, Jr.

One last, but not least, note of thanks, should go to the staff at the LACMTA library, for allowing this researcher access to records there.

Vehicles in bold-face type indicate vehicle fleets that are either all, or in part, in service as of this writing. In the case of missing serial numbers in bus groups, those numbers were unavailable to this writer as of this listing. Such numbers will be added in future additions of this list.


  • Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (1940-1963)
  • Southern California Regional Transit District (1940-1977)
  • Southern California Regional Transit District/Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (1977-present)
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