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Reppin Queens, New York queens village, south side queens, hillside, jamica queens,Some stupied dumb fool idiot dumbass buchya

This site is only about PICCOLO!! Piccolo been picked on by other sites on the internet. The best piccolo site so far is dragon ball z piccolo - his site is, by far the most top piccolo site and it's very funny too, but he doesn't come online anymore he's doesn't know how popular his site has become,.!!!~~

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  • Latest Hip Hop News: 50 cent is embagoing in what is to become one of the greatest rappers of all time he's siged to aftermath lable with dr. dre and shady eminem backing him with money and a place to home his music nothing can be said now that eminem makes 5 times the oridnary rapper and dre makes the best beats, now there's a westcoast connection with queens other g-unit rappers and south side queens could easily benfit from this shady/aftermath which in turn gives them beats & access to the mainstream,.

Music:Ablum: ''The Eminem Show'' by Eminemget it !!!

Ablum: ''Gangsta And A Gentleman '' by Styles p. , .

, -1 ...cody

sample of the Andriod/cell sagas

Again i will say Piccolo saved everyone, he toled everyone wut happend and he started to train for 3 years. The dumb idiot Dr. Gero comes along and trys to steal Piccolo's power for a while, piccolo beats and killed the robot. The new Andriods #17, #18, and #16 were very strong no one could have forght them, Piccolo throw a big blast at every one ah he was very mad even trucks(he new piccolo was way stronger) could't have stop him, he later fused with Kame, which finally got him back his true power, from here on piccolo is the strognets warrior, no one could stand against the andriods and Cell except for Piccolo! Kame was the only one that could sence some thing with a higher power level of a creature called Cell. Piccolo saw the creatures and has a couple of fights and the creature is always punkin out. Cell then absorbs Piccolo's left arm, Piccolo trick him. Piccolo beats him up til'l Cell punked out again. The fun part comes when the Andriods are at master Rohil's crib. Piccolo frough #17 and was lovin it on some island. Piccolo is at his maxs u know how dirty he fights with-out messin or crap. To the Andriod surprise Piccolo is winning against him, #17 should have did his math homework not funny. Piccolo did his Guidence attack which confused the changled andriod who thinks he is the best fighter, piccolo then kills him, with more engery, Cell came Piccolo fought him, cell thinks Piccolo is dead. After piccolo's full his power level is rsotred but it is much higher it's the same as Cell's (170,000,000) piccolo could have came down and killed cell. But piccolo had to saty up in kams' tower wit the fool goku. Piccolo then got mad and started shootin Speacial Beam Cannons at Cell, he would have Distracted Cell wit his blast, if he had went in twice in the Hyporbolic Time Chamber. Denede became the new (God) of Earth, with his cool healing powers he healed Gohan and Trucks. Piccolo step into the time chamber, piccolo could have went a second time and become stronger and stronger than Goku and Vegeta and the strongest person in dbz ever, to fight Cell remember piccolo was way stronger than trucks who came from the furture ......More

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My update: I am moving (back) to queens,nyc, i will be going to Martin Van Buren High School.

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