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Last updated: February 10, 2000

Unit Crest

29th Field Artillery
World War II Photographs


Note: These are very large graphics files, but worth waiting for!
Some photographs are clickable graphics, linking a larger version !

World War II

Award of the Distinguished Service Cross!
CPL Flannigan
This photograph is of an award ceremony, in which Cpl. James R. Flannigan of A Battery, is presented with the Distinguished Service Cross. This was the highest award given to a soldier of the 29th Field Artillery during World War II. Commanding Officer, John Ausland, made the recommendation!

Irv Smolens Near Munich!
Irv Smolens Near Munich!
Irving Smolens (foreground) in this photo taken on May 7, 1945, south of Munich, about six miles from the Austrian border.
Germany had actually "surrendered", but the surrender documents were not signed until the next day,
hence, V-E Day was May 8, 1945.

Ft. Benning, 1941
Bill Ventrelli
Bill Ventrelli has provided us with this photo, taken in September 1941, at Fort Benning, GA.
Bill is the 2ND from the LEFT in the FRONT ROW, holding the helmet marked # 5!
He is quite sure these men were in Headquarters Battery at this time.

A Weekend Pass ?
Al Donatello & Glen LeBeau - Raleigh, NC - 1942
We have been provided with this photo of Al Donatello and Glen LeBeau, taken in Raleigh, NC sometime in 1942.
They were probably on a weekend pass. Al is on the left, and is now 81 years old!

"Peggy" the Jeep
John Lester and friends
John (Jack) Lester sitting in "Peggy", his jeep. Peggy, at that time, was his girlfriend whom he married shortly after the war. Nobody knew how to use the camera very well (an obvious double exposure). The man standing next to the jeep is Corporal Vokovich (don't know his first name). The first name on the Memorial Tribute Page is 1LT Jacob Armeen. He and Jack Lester were with the infantry in an attack when a mortar shell landed near them and the concussion knocked them to the ground. Lester was shook up but not hurt. When he got up Armeen was still laying where he had fallen. Jack says Armeen never knew what hit him. Jack took his gun belt and pistol and wore it for a while until an officer spotted him with it and took it away from him saying that his rank didn't warrant that type of weapon.
His brief biography!
Note: John Lester and Peggy are still married and doing well!

London, March 1944!
Bill Ventrelli also provides us with this photo of members of Headquarters Battery in London, March 1944.
The person on the FRONT LEFT is S/Sgt. Edgar Gregurvich, and FRONT RIGHT is Sgt. Bill Ventrelli.

Ernest Hemingway!
"Hemingway traveled with the Fourth Infantry Division during the rapid pursuit across France
when we were moving in motor columns and was seen frequently."

Forward Observer Party, C Bty, 29th FA Bn!
Forward Observer Party
Bill Cole has provided this quality photograph taken August 25, 1944. As you view the photo (left to right) are:
S/Sgt. Bernard Mayer, T/5 Joe Gochenauer, T/5 Richard Fitzgerald, and Pvt. Peter Prokop. Forward observer party,
C Bty, 29th FA Bn, 4th Infantry Division, in Paris August 25, 1944. These men spent most of the war months in Europe with the Infantry working with Lt. Cole and Lt. Cunningham. The 4th Infantry Division was the first US unit to enter Paris.

Even In War: Laundry & A Rest - 29th FA Bn!
Forward Observer Party
Left to Right: Sgt. Glenn Warren, Cpl. Harry Turnier, (sitting) 1st. Lt. Jacob L Armeen,
(background) - Probably - Sgt. Bernard Mayer.
Picture furnished by Glenn Warren


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