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I found you when you were just a little kitty.
You looked up at me with those eyes so pretty.
You were so small and frightened as you rode home with me that day.
I knew you would always have to have everything your own way.

As time went by and you grew older, our love it grew even fonder.
Outside I would take you on your leash so you could wonder.
And enjoy the lovely day of the sun shinning down on you.
Your companionship it is so strong and so true.

You slept right there next to me each and every night.
I could hear you purring and I knew everything was all right.
They say your animal is always a friend so true.
I'm so thankful for each and everyday that I am with you.

Now after almost 11 years of you by my side.
We are going to have to take that terrible ride.
For the cancer you have there is nothing I can do.
But to put you to rest is the best thing I can do for you.

You'll always be thought of each and everyday.
For you'll always be right here with me in my heart to stay.
It's so hard to think of you having to leave me and saying good bye.
Why do the things we love always have to die.

I wish God could of heard me as I prayed for you to get well.
I look into your eyes and the saddness they tell.
You knew like I knew that you were given up.
Theres no more of eating from your kitty cup.

Theres not much more time to be with you my friend.
Please let me love and hold you right up to the end.
I hope that you know how much you'll be missed.
I will miss you bending your head over for it to be kissed.

Your off on a journey, were there will be friends for you to play with.
No cares or no worries of the pain you were once in.
Just happiness of the freedom to run as far and as long as you wish.
And all the food you loved will be there waiting for you in your dish.

So I say good bye to you now, but not forever my friend so true.
For someday we'll be together just me and you.
For I always loved you and will miss you a bunch.
I'm sending you hugs and kisses I love you so much.

Toby did die in my arms last night.
While I held him and loved him as he took his last breath.
I'll never forget the look in his eyes.
As if to say Mom its ok, now I am free.

Written by Debbie Clements
Dedicated to Toby my cat.
Brought Toby home September 1993
Died Sunday- Feburary 8, 2004 @ 4:15am

Toby you'll always be here in my memories and my heart..
I'll always love you this you knew, I was the only Mother that you ever knew.

You'll be saddly missed by your Mom and your Dad, and Bailey.
We love you very much Toby.
Daddy brought you home today Feburary 10, 2004
In the lovely vase I bought for you to be in.
You'll always be on our shelf forever.
Until the day we are put together forever and ever.

A very special thanks to my veternarian Dr. Auther Schnabel.
He's a very caring and kind person, I would of never made it without his support.
And his phone call to me that Sunday morning.
Thanks ever so much Dr. Schnabel for everything you did for us, we truely appreciate it.
And for the lovely card you and your staff at Weedsport Animal Hospital sent to us.