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Gina thanks very much for my first award.
Please check out her site she has some great email sigs.

Jazz thanks so much for the lovely award.
Please check out Jazz's site, he has some great pages, along with Jazz music.

Jazz thanks ever so much for another beautiful award from you.. I truely appreciate both of these awards very much...Please check out Jazz's web site...

Thanks so much for this lovely award Lourie and Sonya, I appreciate it very much.. Please check out thier site..

Thanks so much Robin for this lovely award.
I appreciate it very much.. Please check ouher site.
It contains animal links

Thanks so much for the lovely award that you have sent to me.. I appreciate it very much.
So now I have a brand new award page to start all over with..
Please check these folks site out, they have a beautiful site there..
I wish I still had all of the lovely awards I have received from over the years from other people.
I lost them when talkcity went down..