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Miko Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Where would any non-profit organization be
without the support and loyalty of their volunteers? No-Where!

Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization.
MARAS would love to take this opportunity to humbly and gratefully
thank its volunteers who donate a wide variety of resources.
One woman donated the use of her digital camera to enable us to put our critters
up on the website! Two other women donated bagged and canned cat food.
Someone else is designing the logo for MARAS.
All these people are crucial to the efficiency and stability of MARAS.

If you would like to volunteer with MARAS, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

It's amazing that MARAS is less than one month old and already have so many dedicated volunteers! All of our volunteers are EQUALLY important and have been named in alphabetical order.

Karen and Tony Fusco
Kelly Greathouse
Monica Greathouse
Bonnie Kollman
Tammy Mickle
Cara Nelsen
Doris and Richard Nelsen
Mike Sandler