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Miko Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.

POB 353
Coxsackie, NY 12051-0353

Sponsorship Thank You!!

This page is solely dedicated to those wonderful, generous people who sponsor our animals!

Joe and Sue, the Schoolhouse-Duo. They are neighbors of the cats at MARAS and have fallen in love with all of the kitties! They've decided to sponsor Jimmy though, who has a special place in their hearts! Thanks guys!

Nora and Dan . . . an awesome local couple who were kind enough to sponsor Blackie! They have sponsored Blackie for the next SIX months, until the end of March! Way to go, Nora and Dan!!! Blackie extends his paw to you in a great big purrrrrr-fect thanks!

Veronica . . . an internet acquaintance of MARAS' who fell in love with Julius and decided she had to sponsor him. Julius extends his paws in thanks!!!

Friends From the Little Compton Day Center . . . a group of wonderful men and women who took a vote and decided to sponsor our very own Spot!