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Cat Adoption Application
Miko Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
POB 353
Coxsackie, NY 12051-0353

Cat Adoption Application

MARAS will never take in an animal that we cannot care for. We will never euthanize an animal because we have too many animals to care for. Any animal that comes under MARAS' protection is here for life unless they are adopted out.

If you would like to apply to adopt one of our cats, please copy and paste this application into your e-mail text window, fill it out and send it to us. You are welcome to snail mail it to us at the above address as well. We will get back to you promptly. In case you have further questions about the cat, please try to contact us BEFORE you send in the application. Please understand that we will adopt out our animals to the first complete and approved applicant we receive. Please make sure that you are in our adoption range which includes the northeastern states of the United States.

Adoption Fees:
The adoption fee for our cats is $25.00. The adoption fee will be $35.00 as of April 1st, 2002. Multiple adoptions will be discounted $5.00 per cat. Offer to Adopt: Cat's Name (if known):

Please describe the type of cat you are looking for (i.e. sex, size, temperament etc.):

If there is a specific cat that you would like to adopt, please note here:

Your Name:
Driver's Lic.#:
E-mail Address:
Are over 21 years old? (please check)   yes (   )   no (   )
If no, please tell us your age:

How many animals do you currently have? Please specify type of animal.

Have you surrendered any animals within the last 5 years to a shelter, rescue, or other type of facility? If yes, why?

Will the cat be an indoor or outdoor cat? We strongly encourage all of our potential adopters to keep their cats indoors. The cats will have a longer life span, and will not be endangered by traffic, other animals and disease.

Please list two references (with phone number) familiar with your care of your animals (please specify the relationship you have with the listed person and please don't name a reference who is a family member or who is under age):

1. Phone:

2. Phone:

Please provide the name and phone number, with area code, of your current veterinarian or vet that you are planning to use. We will be contacting the veterinarian for a reference as well.

1. Phone: