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4 cups of Love
2 cups of Loyalty
3 cups of Forgiveness
1 cup of Friendship
5 spoons of Hope
2 spoons of Tenderness
4 quarts of Faith
1 barrel of Laughter
Unlimited amount of Spirit and Understanding
Take Love and Loyalty, mix them thoroughly with Faith.
Blend it with Tenderness, Forgiveness and Understanding.
Add Hope and Friendship, sprinkle abundantly with Laughter and Spirit.
Bake it with Sunshine.
Serve daily with generous helpings.

2 cups patience
1 heart full of love
2 handfuls of generosity
Dash of laughter
2 cups of loyalty
1 cup understanding
Mix all ingredients well.
Sprinkle generously over a lifetime and serve everyone you meet.

5 Tablespoons of Understanding
1 Cup of Tolerance
1/2 Cup of Sweetness
4 Tablespoons of Like
6 Tablespoons of Love
1/2 Cup of Gentleness
4 Tablespoons of Sensitivity
Season with Desire, Need, Commitment
Start with the basic ingredients of Love and Like,
seasoned with Desire, Need and Commitment,
then add 1/2 cup of Gentleness
and stir until soft, but peaking.
Add tablespoons of Sensitivity
until very smooth,
then continue to add Tolerance
until all the lumps are gone.
Mix "briskly" until thick.
Cook slowly - for too much heat too quickly,
may scorch it,
damaging your previous efforts.
If this occurs, remove the outer shell,
re-stir and add the desired ingredients
to accomplish smoothness, but peaking.
Re-cook per directions,
and remember - Only the outer shell was damaged,
the basic ingredients remain.
The quantity may be slightly reduced,
but not the quality.
Apply maximum pressure
until completely done and firm.
Note: It is perfectly acceptable to add a pinch of argument and,
now and then,
discontent . . . this adds flavoring
and makes appreciation of the dessert.

Fold two hands together
And express a dash of sorrow
Marinate it overnight
And work on it tomorrow
Chop one grudge in tiny pieces
Add several cups of love
Dredge with a large sized smile
Mix with the ingredients above
Dissolve the hate within you
By doing a good deed
Cut in and help your friend
If he should be in need
Stir in laughter, love, and kindness
From the heart it has to come
Toss with genuine forgiveness
And give your neighbor some
The amount of people served
Will depend on you
It can serve the whole wide world
If you really want it to

1 cup of loyalty
2 cups of kindness
3 teaspoons of forgiveness
5 tablespoons time for each other
4 gallons of honesty
1 cup of faith

Combine all ingredients with love and affection, and mix carefully.
Stir well, and should you notice any lumps or flaws, handle gently and overlook as often as possible.
Sweeten generously with a firm belief in each other and keep warm with a caring heart and a watchful eye.
Never serve hot or cold, just room temperature.
Let stand for a lifetime of special memories.

There's a recipe for friendship
that's old but still true
It's one that never fails,
and I'd like to share it with you.

First, you need someone
who accepts you as you are,
Someone who doesn't need you
to be some kind of major star.

Someone who'll cry with you
and share your deepest pain,
Someone who'll lift you till you
can stand again.

Someone who finds your jokes funny
and laughs to show it.
Someone who really likes YOU,
and lets you know it.

Someone you're glad you have
all the years through...
This recipe for friendship
can be found in you.

I'll never find another friend
to take the place of you.
No one will ever touch my world
exactly like you do.

No one who's quite so thoughtful,
no one I cherish so.

No one will mean so much to me,
I just wanted you to know!
~author unknown~

As many cups of love as you can carry.
One sturdy shoulder (two is better)
An ear that will listen.
A heart that can feel.
A soul that will respond.
Laughter, giggles, and a few tears.
Never-ending supply of kind words.
A large supply of hugs, kisses, and more hugs.
Get out the biggest bowl you can find.
Add together the cups of love you carried,
don't worry about spilling any,
you always should have extra just in case.
Sometimes in preparation of a friendship,
tears may fall.
This is where the shoulder will come in handy.
Like I said,
two is better,
especially if the first one gets tired or wet.
This is also where the ear part comes in;
sit back,
shoulders ready for your friend
to lay his/her head upon, and listen.
In preparing a friendship
you will need a heart
that is capable of feeling.
Not just a warm feeling in your heart,
but a pull so strong
that you feel as if there is no comparison
to any other feeling
you may have for someone else.
If your recipe has survived this far,
then you are doing good.
This is where the soul comes in.
I believe that we all have a soul.
But, in a true friendship,
the soul will respond as if
you and your friend are as one.
Yes, you will feel your soul.
Do not be afraid,
there is nothing wrong with this recipe.
Add laughter, giggles,
and tears to the above ingredients,
and you are in for a special treat
that so few people know how to make.
In a true soul to soul friendship,
there will be laughter.
There will be giggles,
and there will also be tears
(this is where the shoulders come in).
now, don't panic.
You've come this far,
we are almost near the end.
Kind words and commitment.
Need I say anymore
Mix all of these ingredients together,
and I promise you a wonderful,
eternal friendship
and with this will come
all the hugs and kisses
that you will ever need.
You simply have to ask.
Or, if the friendship is really mixed well,
you may never have to ask.
It will be a given.
Good luck with your recipe for
I hope that you had
ALL of the ingredients,
and that you mixed them well.
If this one turns out to be a bad batch,
well, just start over again.
This recipe will last you a lifetime.

"Recipe For Happiness Will Get Your Life Cooking"
Feel like you're simmering on the stove of life
Well we've cooked up the perfect recipe for you. The best part is that all the ingredients for a good life are easily within reach. You'll need...
1 part of knowing who you
1 part of knowing who you
1 part of knowing what you
1 part of knowing who you
wish to be
1 part of knowing what you
already have before you
1 part of choosing wisely from what you
have before you
1 part of loving and thanking for ALL you
have ("bad" included)
Mixing Instructions:
Combine ingredients together
gently and carefully.
Using faith and vision,
mix together with strong belief of the outcome,
until finely blended.
Use thoughts,
words and actions for best results.
Yields unlimited servings!
--Author Unknown