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Jane's/EA Patches Page - The place to satisfy all your patch needs for any Jane's Combat Sim.    click to download

HyperLOBBY - HyperLOBBY is a program that allows you connect to a server where you can chat with and fly against your fellow pilots in Jane's games in real time, much like what Jane's Combat.Net used to do. Click here to go.    click to download

DuoSoft Toolkits - Need a copy of the DuoSoft Toolkit for your Jane's Combat Sim? (Huh? What's a DuoSoft Toolkit?) Here's the place to be.    click to download

FakeCD - Ever wanna play ATF or NATO Fighters without the CD? Now you can! Just download and set up this utility. (By the way, with some unorthodox techniques, you can get this utility to work with other programs too, even Windows-based ones.)    click to download

USNFview - If you want to convert your screen shots from .raw format to .bmp or .jpg format (who doesn't?), this utility is for you. It's a .raw-to-.bmp/.jpg/.pcx image file converter.    click to download

raw2bmp - If you want to convert your screen shots from .raw format to .bmp format, but don't like long and lengthy downloads, this program is for you (it's only 13Kb). To use it, just copy it into the game directory, and drag the .raw files onto this program's icon, and the screenshot will be converted into .bmp format.    click to download

Touch Utility - If you ever had to re-install your game, only to find that your custom lib doesn't work or is only partially funtional, then this utility is for you. To use it, just drag your custom lib icon onto the Touch Utility's program icon and drop it (touch.exe).    click to download

Hex Editor - Need to hex edit some files for your DuoSoft Toolkit? Get your hex editor here! Extract the setup files into a separate directory and run the setup program from there.    click to download

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