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Oakland wins series 4 games to 2

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Sunday 10/28/2003 Martinez (BOS) and Chen (ARI) win Outstanding Pitcher Award Awards may not be the most important thing for Pedro Martinez, but Boston's right-hander smiled as he was named the AL Outstanding Pitcher Award winner. This season Martinez compiled an ERA of 2.30, going 24-6 in 36 starts. He fanned 306 while giving up 189 hits in 270.1 innings. Pedro has pitched 4 shutouts and 8 complete games. He's 1st in the AL in ERA and 1st in wins! Martinez wins the award for the 3rd time in his 11-year career. The NL Outstanding Pitcher Award winner was announced today as well, with Arizona's left-hander Bruce Chen taking home the desired trophy. He certainly earned it, he struck fear into hitters all year long. His ERA of 3.14 helped him to a 21-7 record this year. He struck out 178 and walked 72 in 243.2 innings. Bruce has pitched one shutout and 3 complete games. He's 5th in the NL in ERA and 1st in wins!
Sunday 10/28/2003 Chavez (OAK) and Sosa (CHN) win Outstanding Batter Award Oakland's third baseman Eric Chavez had a fabulous season, no doubt about it. The AL shared this opinion and names the 25 year old the Outstanding Batter Award winner! Chavez has hit 52 bombs this year while batting .314. He adds 35 doubles, along with 126 runs scored. He's 1st in the AL in RBIs and 1st in homeruns! Chicago (N)'s rightfielder Sammy Sosa will never forget this day as well. A great season convinced the voters that he is the worthy NL Outstanding Batter Award winner. Sosa has walked 119 times this year and posts a .467 OBP. While batting .349, 205 for 588, he has driven in 149 runs. He's 4th in the NL in batting, 2nd in homeruns and 3rd in RBI! Sosa wins the award for the 2nd time in his 14-year career.

Sunday 10/28/2003 Snyder (TB) and Zuleta (CHN) win Newcomer of the Year The AL Newcomer of the Year winner was announced today, with Tampa Bay's first baseman William Snyder earning the trophy for putting up the best numbers among rookies in his league. Snyder has walked 84 times this year and posts a .343 OBP. While batting .233, 123 for 529, he has driven in 80 runs. Julio Zuleta will never forget his first full season. The NL was convinced that Chicago (N)'s first baseman, 29 years old, should be the Newcomer of the Year winner of 2003. His season features a batting average of .306 (170 hits in 556 AB), 34 doubles, no triples and 28 taters. Zuleta collected 84 RBI and 112 runs as well.

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