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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms ACLU—American Civil Liberties Union

CIA—Central Intelligence Agency

Comsat— Communications Satellite Act

DOD—Department of Defense

Echelon— spy satellite

EPIC— Electronic Privacy Information Center

FBI— Federal Bureau of Investigation

FISA—Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

NASA— National Aeronautic Space Agency

NIPC—National Infrastructure Protection Center

NRO—National Reconnaissance Office

NSA—National Security Agency

OCR—Optical Character Recognition

SIGINT— signals intelligence system

STOA—Scientific and Technological Option Assessment Unit

UKUSA— 1948 agreement signed by 5 countries, United States, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This agreement “ giving themselves carte blanche to, “geographically divvy up signals intelligence gathering responsibilities with the U.S. as director and main underwriter”(Dwan). “In addition to these countries Norway, Denmark, Germany and Turkey have also signed on as 3rd party participants.”