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Hardhats Homepage

We all know they go to all the games, and are known for being some of the most hardcore fans in the stadium, but why? You can see them at almost every game causing a ruckus screaming about USA and 86. Why are these fans so hardcore and why do they wear blue Mets as well as USA hardhats. Who are these guys?

On a cold autumn day, Calissies construction crew was busy at work at a site in Central Islip Long Island, near the nut house. Francis, Cleat, Jack, Sam, and Joe were about to take a cigarette break, but this break never took place. Out of nowhere the Cat Crane snapped and a large scrap of metal was released into the air, flying towards the hardcore construction workers. All of them except Francis were wearing heavy duty met hardhats. Francis would pay. The 15 foot, 2000 pound piece of sheet metal landed on the men severely injuring all of them except Francis, who wasn't so lucky. He was killed instantly. See, Francis had been working at the Sayville Cadillac dealer as a salesman, and due to GM's economic struggles he was laid off. Being true friends Cleat, Jack, Sam, and Joe got Francis a job at the Calissies construction company. Francis didn't understand the value of the hard hat, constantly comlaining of the discomort they enflicted on him. On the third day of work Francis paid for his ignorance and he was abrubtly killed. From that day on Cleat, Jack, Sam, and Joe have devoted their live to Francis, the Mets, and Coor's light. "This is the way Francis would have wanted it to be" said Mira Boyer, Franics's wife. This why this group of men are so hardcore and wear hard hats to Mets games. Cleary Francis is still alive in spirit and pounding down coors lights at met games!

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