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By Michael Boyajian

Welcome to Grand Republican: The Online Resource of the American Revolution. Our web site spans the entire Revolutionary War era. For our purposes this period begins with the end of the French and Indian War, moves through to the revolution and ends with the formation of our constitution and the election of George Washington as our first president. The site is formatted to inform Americans about their revolution and instill a strong sense of patriotism in the visitor through the accomplishments of our founding fathers. After all, never before or since have so many great people gathered to participate in a single ongoing event of this magnitude.

Bunker Hill

Independence Hall

Grand Republican is designed as a resource of the American Revolution. This format transcends that of an ordinary web page. The site is actually a university dedicated to the American Revolution. Each section of the site can be thought of as an individual college. All of these colleges revolve around the primary focus of the site, Essays. Unlike other sites, this site is article driven. These articles range in both style and topic. In one instance you may have a travel article or a discussion of a founding father while in another instance you will have an in-depth thesis on a narrow issue of revolutionary interest. Styles range from that of the strictly academic to that of the freewheeling popular interest. The number of available articles will increase rapidly with the growth of the site.

The site is designed, like our constitution, to grow and evolve over time within a flexible framework. For instance, new sections and writings will develop as we forge ahead with time. The site is composed of seventeen sections. Organizations lists clubs, associations, groups and societies dedicated to the study of the revolution. Leader Sketches profiles important leaders of the period. Essays, as we stated earlier, features articles by numerous authors on various subjects, as well as poetry. Liberty Links provides direct internet hyperlinks to important web sites like Boston's Freedom Trail or Saratoga National Battlefield. Battle Atlas previews detailed maps of key battles. Photo Album features snapshots of important revolutionary sites like Bunker Hill, Concord's North Bridge or Independence Hall. Timeline chronologically covers historic highlights of the entire era. Film & Video describes works featuring the era. Music reviews CDs of period music and will eventually be audio driven. Books, provides an expansive bibliography of the age in a digest presentation. Schedule lists a cross section of events ranging from reenactments to club meetings to museum exhibits. Almanac provides visitors with a virtual depository of raw data and demographics. Gazetteer, is an index of Revolutionary War place names and descriptions.

So please, accompany us as we capture the color and glory of the age of the patriot by visiting places like Bunker Hill, Trenton, Saratoga, Cowpens and Yorktown. Join us as we study the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Samuel Adams and John Hancock to name just a few. We invite you to engage this site, along with fellow enthusiasts, as we celebrate this epoch of human experience known as the American Revolution.

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