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Mail and Email from Brats

August 11, 2006


I am Denise Delpier, I have 2 brothers, Kent and Danny.

We lived on Governors Island while my father M/Sgt Roger J. Delpier was serving as a main chef at the Officer's Club. We were there from approx 1948 to 1950 and lived lst in the converted army barracks just across from the Catholic church where Father Wright was the Priest and then to Bldg 111 behind the swimming pool of the YMCA.

Dad went to Korea for 1 1/2 yrs and we returned to the Island from 1952 until 1956. We lived at the far end of the Island where the wooden quarters for enlisted men were ( close to the Enlisted men's club ) and lastly at Bldg 110. I went to the base school from 4th grade with Mrs Duffy and had Mrs McGuiness and Mrs Finney for teachers. I went to Staten Island, Curtis High School and my father retired in April of 1956. I was a senior and had to finish high school in Phoenix, AZ where he retired to.

I'm currently living in Show Low, Arizona ( 3 1/2 hrs North East of Phoenix ). I have sent e-mails to Barbara Clinard and Muriel Taggert at this point. There are so many more I want to contact and several I do not see either on the Found or Lost list.

Whoever did this site .........Thank you. I only wish I had found it before your reunion I would have been there with bells on. Please have someone add me and my brothers to the "found " list.


Denise Delpier ( Veth )

July 7, 2006


So, how has everyone been the past 46 years or so? If I had made the reunion, part of that question might have been answered.

I stumbled on the site while doing some research on my father (Martin A. Rossini, Col USA Ret.) who past away in June of this year. This past week I was going through boxes of pictures and ran across the three that I am enclosing. I was glad to see that I had a picture of the 1961 6th grade class that was not on the website. If you would like a better image for the site, let me know and Iíll get duplicates to send.

As with most brats at a younger age, I canít say I remember most, if even a few of the names in the ďLost or FoundĒ lists. It didnít however, diminish my enjoyment of the website. Good job!

The aerial shot of Governorís Island is undated. The picture though looks pre-60ís, even very early 50ís.

The Cub Scout group shot was dated December 1958. Iím third from the right in the back row. Iím sorry to say that I canít put a name to a face for the rest.

The PS 26 shot was still in the original Chester Studios ďSchool DaysĒ folder with everyoneís signature (except Ms. Duffeís). I was 12 at the time and am second to the left of Ms. Duffe (her right). The names donít appear to be in perfect order and there are 22 names and 23 of us in the picture. I can guess at about 12 of them but donít want to screw it up so I wonít. The names are: Jim Yacarone III (or Yacavone), Michael Kelly, Jarrett Betterson, Rainer Link, David Herrick, Robert Waring, John Elliott Briggs, James Johnson, Ron Rossini (me), John D. Hiatt, Ryan Empey, Thomas DeFalco, Richard Mooney, Margaret Mayer, Evelyn Collery I, Kathy Powers, Barbara Callinan, Bonnie Tinsley, Leslie Palos, Yvonne Decarla Hall, Evelyn Williams, Angela Morace.

I also have several ďOĒ Club and party shots of Dad, Mom and friends. Unfortunately none with names. Did any of them actually work?

If I run across any more Iíll be sure to send them. Iíll probably have duplicates made and forward them to the G.I. archive as suggested on the website.

Ron Rossini
1957 Ė 1961
The Quad

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