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Last Gifs Added April 20, 2005!

All Gifs Should Once Again Be Functional
Please Email Me If You Find Any Not Working!
Thank You For Your Patience!

Click On The Gif Title To See The Full-Size Gif!  These Gifs Are Free, But Please Do Not HOT Link Directly To The Gifs!  Either Right Click And "Save As" On PC, Or Transload On Webtv!

Big Evil Eyes!

Blood Drop!

Blood Puddle!

Blood Puddle Large!

Enter Gates!

Enter Vault!


Full Moon With Shadows!

Ghost Door!

Ghost Door Left!

Ghost Door Right!

Ghost Lady!

Grave Ghost!

Grave Mail Call!

Grave Pillar!

Grave Yard!

Gravestone Line!

Graveyard Gate Left!

Graveyard Gate Right!

Torch 4!

Grim Reaper 1!

Grim Reaper 3!

House 4 With Mist!

Dracula Gargoyle!


Cemetery Gates!

Silver Candlestick!

Dorian Grey Type Portrait!

Portrait Frame!

Haunted Mansion!

Jack 'O Lantern!

Spinning Pumpkin!

Multi-Color Skulls!

RIP Mummy!

"Welcome" Tombstone!

"Welcome" Skulls!

Ghost 2!

Reaper 11!

Ghost 3!

Swirling Mist!

Ghost 4!

Haunted House 11!

Haunted House 12!

Haunted House 13!

Haunted House 14!

Point Right Pumpkin!

Point Left Pumpkin!

Reaper 15!

Reaper 16!

Rocking Chair!

Falling Leaf!

Falling Leaves Background!

Falling Leaves w/Pumpkin!

Falling Leaves!

Pumpkin Fence Line!

Reaper 21!

Haunted House 21!


Living Dead!

Living Dead 2!

Lurker Blinking!

Moonlight Gothic!

Pinhead Walking!

Bela Lugosi Eyes Avatar!

Evil Clown Face!

"Abandon All Hope" Marker!

Angel 1!

Angel Ani 2!

Angel Skeleton!

Haunted House!

Haunted House Animation!

Left Candle!

Lightning 1!

Lightning 3!

Lightning 4!

Lightning 5!

Misty Woman Spirit!

Moon Witch!


Reaper Grave!

Red Bird's Circling!

Right Candle!

Skeleton Email!

Skull Grave Stone!

Skull Scary!

Soul Keeper!

Storm Cloud!


Torch 1!

Torch 3!

Grave Yard 2!

Ghost 1!

Ghoul 2!

Haunted Castle!

Bloody Goodbye Button!

Trick Or Treaters!

Lightning Window Face!

Flash Window left!

Flash Window Center!

Flash Window Right!

Dead Book 1!

Moon Clouds!

RIP Tombstone!

RIP Cross!

RIP Tombstone 2!

RIP Tombstone 3!

Haunted Mansions Button!

Haunted Barn!

Spooky Eyes 1!

Spooky Eyes 2!

Pumpkin Patch!

Pumpkin Patch 2!

Misty Moon!

Ghost Girl Walking!

Bat Pack!

Smoky Mist Line!

Smoky Mist Animated!

Lightning 6!

Bates Motel Sign!

Gargoyle Lightning Flash!

"Do Not Open"!

Haunted Castle 2!

Lightning Door!

Wizard 1!

Ghost 5!

Jack 'O Lantern Razz!

Black Cat!

Bats 1!

Reaper 18!

Reaper 19!

Reaper Left!

Reaper Right!

Ghost Email!

Skeleton Email!

Vampires Cross!

Vampire 1!

Reaper Graveyard!


Spectral Gathering!

Vampire Blinking!

Vampire Face Blinking Avatar!

Blinking Boris Avatar!

Boris Mummy Winking!

Evil Eye Man Blinking!

Evil Eyes Man Glowing!


Witch House Fly Over!

Black Birds Circling!

Blood Drip!

Blood Drip Puddle!

Bloody Enter Button!

Blue Fire Skull!

Blue Ghost!


Evil Eyes Man!

Eyes House!

Gallows Face!


Girl Zombie!

Halloween Tombstone!

Halloween Tree!

Halloween Tree 2!

Haunt Man!

Ghost Large!

Bat Moon!

Fire Line!

Bloody Happy Halloween!

Haunted House 10!

Flame "Previous" Button!

Crypt Keeper Candle!

Spooky Skyline!

RIP Tombstone!

Flame "Email" Button!

Wooden Tombstone!

Cross Tombstone!

Wooden Tombstone 2!

"Enter" Tombstone!

"Exit" Tombstone!

"Email" Tombstone!

"Guestbook Tombstone!

Reaper 12!


Reaper 14!

Skeleton Hanging!

Skeleton Walking!

Skeleton Construction!

RIP Flashing!

Graveyard 3!


Grim Reaper 17!

Grim Reaper 18!

Black Cloud!


Skull & Crossbones!

Skull & Crossbones 2!

Haunted House 15!

Happy Halloween Fade-In!

Autumn Field!

Tombstone 1!

Blood Drip Rose!

Cauldron 2!

Cauldron 3!

Flame 2!

Flame 3!

Pumpkin Knife!

Goth Girl!

Dorian Gray Portrait W/Frame!

Evil Eye Man Blinking!

Blinking Boris Karloff!

Bloody Guestbook!

Bates House Ani!

Ghost Lady!

Happy Halloween Witch Fly Over!

Woman/Doll Face Avatar!

Woman/Doll Face Animation!

"Saw" Animation 1!

"Saw" Animation 2!

Broom Ani!

Buzz Saw Ani!

Candleabra 2!

House 1!

House 2!

House 3 Large!

House 4!

Impaled People!

Lightning Left!

Lightning Right!

Moon Birds!

Pumpkin Wall!

Pumpkins 4 Sale!

Skeleton Grave!

Stairs Ghost!

Tomb Door!

Vampire Faces Left!

Vampire Faces Right!

Walking Ghost!

Walking Ghost Longer!

Witch Throws Flames!

Witch Fog!


Grim Reaper 1!


Spook Mail Button!

Gravestone "Email" Button!

Mist "Email" Button!

Cross "Enter" Button!

Gravestone "Enter" Button!

Psychic "Enter" Button!

Snarling Werewolf!

Halloween Flag!

Pirate Flag!

Ghoul 3!

Blank Tombstone 1!

Blank Tombstone 2!

Blank Tombstone 3!

Blank Tombstone 4!

Blank Tombstone 5!

Blank Tombstone 6!

Castle of Blood!

Reaper Grave B&W!

Witch Mooning!

Bloody Rose!

Gates Open!

Disney Haunted Mansion!

Haunted Mansion 2!


Headless Horseman!

Dead Bride!

Dead Groom!

Lightning 7!

Jack 'O Lantern 2!

Pumpkin & Fence Line!

Haunted House Birds!


Flaming Pot!

Not Worthy Skeleton!

Ghost large With Bat!

Ghost Large With Bat & Wind!

Gargoyle Left!

Gargoyle Right!

Gargoyle Flame!

House With Skull Animation!

Knife Dripping Blood!

Meet The Gang!

Haunted House 20!

Headless Horseman!

Girl Zombie Avatar!

Girl Zombie Animation 2!

Karloff Frankenstein Animation!

Karloff Frankenstein Ani Avatar!

Zombie Animation!

Zombie Ani Avatar!

Cemetery 2!

Cemetery Gates 2!

Original Art For This Gif (Without Animation) Is ęCopyright 2003 By Lewis Barrett Lehrman, For The Haunted Studio ( And Is Reproduced By Permission Of The Artist! Please Do Not Use It Without His Permission!

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