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If you came here through an oudated link, I wish to inform you that I am no longer displaying True Type fonts, however this site consists of links to helpful, fun and otherwise handy sites that I have found in my wanderings around the Internet. I trust this will be of some use to my visitors. Just click on the accompaning icon of each link.

Infobel - telephone directories online. Find business or people by address or phone number.

Garden Guides. All info & tips on growing the best veggies & beautiful flowers.

Creative Quotations. Get quotes from the famous & infamous. Many browsable sections.

Jack Horkheimer, astronomer at the Miami Museum of Science and host of a TV syndicated program on astronomy, makes stargazing and planet watching fun and amusing.

Healing Herbs. Healing Herbs is an interactive community offering herbal information, gardening, discussion, chat, events, features, herb photos and more. Your presence, questions and contributions are welcome.

Lab Tests Online. "A public resource on clinical lab tests from laboratory professionals."

Easy Peasy - fun site for entertainment, shopping, Web tools and other stuff to make life a little easier.

Electric Scotland - guide to Scottish and Irish Clans & Families. Get the history, family names, tartans, and heraldry of Celtic ancestry.

Ham radio call signs and information.

Web holidays. Every day is special in some way. Find out the history and traditions, send an e-card, join a contest or get recipes for those "holidays."

I Want You for SkyWarn.
Information on the National Weather Bureau's Skywarn Spotter program to recriut civilian volunteers to watch for and report severe weather conditions.

Dr. Labush's Links to learning - Makes learning fun for parents and kids."

Historic Route 66
Take a nostalic tour of what once was the main highway of America.

All About Art - Brouse a plethora of artwork by title, artist or genre.

Vintage Postcatds
Many catagories of the postcards of by-gone years.

The Cynic's Sanctuary
A tongue-in-cheek site about the joys and frustrations about being a cynic.

The Library Spot - Complete online archive of reference materials. Comprehansive sections.

International Bed and Breakfast - Think hotel & motel rates are too high? Use this site to locate an economical B&B for your travel plans.

Guide to Hopi Kachinas - Nice site that shows examples and explains the meaning to this Native American art form.

Self Help Magazine Online - articles by professionals and message boards to get help with all types of personal problems.

The Word Spy - build your vocabulary and impress family, frends & co-workers. Explore newly coined words being added to the English language every day.

Dumb Laws - Archive of legislature (by state & country)that makes one wonder "What the &@#*% were they thinking?!".

Get parts and repair tips for major household appliances.

Seniors Site - Information about health, insurance, disabilities and lots of other useful guides targeted for people in the 50+ age range.

Jedi Name Generator.
Answer a few simple questions to discover your Jedi Warrior name.

J.D. Hay's Crooners Collection - Nice variety of easy-listening, pop and jazz male vocalists. Full-length songs in wav format. Be sure to also visit the Songbirds section where female vocalists are featured.

Comics Online - Read comic strips online.

iSketch - a Pictionary-like game where you can choose a topic and draw pictures that sound like or represent a given word. Choose colors , textures & stroke quality to use.

MovieFlix - Watch movie clips and TV shows online.

Silly Art - Just what the name says. Get free silly clip art and play silly games for free. More are available if you join for $3.99 a year.

Duct Tape Guys - Tongue-in-cheek look at the may uses of duct tape. Stories.

The Starry Eye - Madame Lichtenstein offers horoscopes for all lifestyles, even for pets. Tarot explained.

Old Time Radio - The history of radio in the 30's and 40's.

The Kim Komando site. The Digital Goddess offers advice and tips on computer functions and malfunctions. Kim also has links to "kool" sites.

Many themed artworks available as economical posters.

Want to know what your old clunker is worth? Planning on a new car purchase? Get the low-down on the values of all makes and models of new and used cars.

Kovels Online - Antique experts Ralph and Terry Kovel's online site. Register for free and receive price quotes and other info on thousands of antiques and collectibles.

Looking for that hard-to-find recipe? Search the database archive of literally thousands of recipes with variations. A must for the serious cook.

Everything you wanted to know (and maybe not know) about cheese.

Tea Council - Many aspects of tea as a beverage. Even get a tea leaf reading daily.

Apple Mania - see and compare many apple varieties. Table description includes, flavor & texture, uses and the season for each kind.

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