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*That Next Thursday*
Nick was sitting in McKay's class, not paying attention but instead thinking of where Morgan was. He had dropped by her room a couple of times but Corey had refused to tell him anything. He was doodling absently on his notes when the door opened and Morgan walked in, avoiding everyone's gaze. " Aah. Miss Davenport. I was expecting you," Mr. McKay said quietly to her when she walked close enough to his desk. They talked very softly for the next few minutes and Nick found himself checking if her stomach had gotten any bigger. Their converstaion ended and McKay started on his lecture again. As Morgan walked past Nick, he tried to catch her eye but she just gave him a mere glance. Quickly making up his mind, he gathered his books and stood up, walking out of the room. " Morgan!" He called once in the hall, trying to stuff his books in his bookbag and catch up to her. " Morgan, can you slow down? What's wrong?" She slowed slightly and looked at him. " Nick, I'm leaving..." She told him, her voice firm but her eyes showing him otherwise. " You just got back," He said, coming to a stop in front of her. " No, Nick. I'm leaving. I'm going back to Vermont," He stared at her incredously. " What? You're kidding me-' She started walking again and he fell into step with her. " Why are you leaving? What about us? What about the baby?" " Nick, there is no us. We were both drunk and I was lonely. And as for the baby, the tests came back negative," " Neg-?...Morgan, you can't leave-...Are you mad at me? Is that it?" " Nick. Don't make this anymore difficult than it already is," " Answer me. Is this my fault?" " No." " Then why?" " Because I can't stay here-" " Morgan, please, can you just consider what you are doing-" " I have, Nick! I've been doing that for the past week! I am leaving and you can't change that!" She yelled, glaring at him. " Mor, sshhh. The profess-" " Fuck the professors! I don't want to talk about this! I don't ever want to see you again, Nick! Don't you realize that?" Nick glanced as the biology professor stuck out his head and shot them a reproving glare. " Morgan, look, let's talk about this. Come on, We'll go to the Coffee Shop-" " Nick, there's nothing to talk about," She insisted shrilly and Nick suspected she was close to tears. " Morgan, don't do this to me," He pleaded quietly, his voice barely audible. He saw her eyes well up. " Look, we'll both leave. Just wait until the end of term," He grabbed her hand but she shook him off and turned away so he wouldn't see the tears that had fallen. She swiped at them impatiently and kept walking. " I love you, Mor. You can't do this to us. You can't just leave," " I have to," She snapped, deciding if he wasn;t going to listen to her 'polite' way then she'd have to be harsh. " You said you loved me too, remember?" Nick said desperatly, now approaching the exit doors. " I was wrong," She shook her head, refusing to look at him. " You were sure that night-" She turned suddenly and looked at him. " That night? I was drunk, Nick. I was angry, I was lonely!" " Give me a reason why, Morgan? Please?" His voice trembled slightly as he realized a little more now that she didn't intend on staying. " Make one up, Nick. I'm dying. Better yet, I'm a lesbian. Or I'm getting married. How about that one?" She tossed to him, walking again. " You're being selfish!" He snapped, grabbing her arm and spinning her around to face him. " Nick, let go of me. I am leaving. Nothing you say will change that," She repeated firmly. Nick's eyes welled up and he dropped her hand, his face stony. She looked at him for a second and turned back to the doors. She felt his eyes on her as she pushed open the door, letting in drifts of snow that once held promise in their flakes. Nick watched her walk out, walk out of his life and felt a tear slide down his cheek. He wasn't going to see her again. Just like Jody. He felt his inner walls crumble as the door slowly slammed shut and he was alone in the hall. He stood there for several seconds until the bell rang and hallway filled up with students. He turned slowly to walk back to his dorm room...
Morgan climbed into the cab she had called. " The airport, right?" The driver asked and she nodded, resting a hand on her belly. " Just you and me now," She murmered, looking down. The driver glanced at her. " Pardon?" He asked. " I was just talking to myself," She relaxed and let that last tear fall as they drove past Nick's parked car. It would be Ok...He didn't have to know...


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