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Chapter Nine

	" I just wish you could have asked me if I wanted to stay with your stupid
friends, Gabrial!" Morgan said frustratedly as her and Gabrial stood outside and
" Christ, I'm sorry I wanted to see my friends, Morgan-"
" It's not that!  You keep me by your Goddamn elbow everytime we go out!" She
" What is your problem, Morgan?  You've changed this past month,"
" I haven't changed-"
" Oh, really?"
" I've finally realized that this relationship isn't working," She said, lowering her
voice.  Gabrial studied her face.
" Come on, we're leaving," He said finally.
" What? No! It's not even midnight,"
" Fuck New Year's. We've got a slightly bigger problem than that," He said
sarcastically, reaching for her hand again.
" Gabrial, I am not leaving! You always assume that I want to do what you do!"
 He stopped again, his eyes glittering angrily.
" Fine, stay.  Find your own ride," And with that, he walked off to get his car.  
Morgan stared after him, wondering what in the hell did she just do.  Maybe Nick's
drinks were finally getting to her. She shivered and walked back inside, trying to
forget about their argument and just have a good time.
" Morgan, I thought you and Gabrial were leaving," Toby asked, surprised to see her
" I decided to stay," She replied, walking off to the kitchen.
" You're still here," She stated, seeing Nick still on the island.
" I thought you'd show up sooner or later...Besides, it's only been half an hour,"
Nick replied.
" Oh," She opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a container of orange juice
and vodka ( hehe:)).
" How many drinks have you had?" Morgan asked.
" Not too many,"
" You want another?"
" Yeah, thanks,"
" What happened?" He inquired, noticing the look in her - eyes are the mirrors of
the soul- eyes. He shook his head, trying to block out the haunting song that simple
phrase had turned in to.
" Me and Gabrial got into  an argument," She sighed, handing him his drink.
" Over?" He watched as she resumed her position on the island next to him.
" Over how he's always pulling me off to somewhere or the other without asking
me first,'
" Oh...I'm sorry," He said, thinking that would be the right thing to say.
" Nick?  Why are you...You look sad,"
" Do I?" He shrugged but said nothing more.
" Can I ask what's wrong?" She asked gently.
" I'd rather you didn't because I'm not sure myself," He averted his eyes and focused
on the clock.
" Almost midnight," She commented, following his gaze.
" Yeah...You probably wanna go back in for the countdown, huh?"
" No, not really.  I just want this night to be over..." She had finished her drink
quickly and was now starting to feel the effects of the many she had consumed
since the night began.  
" Nick,I'm glad we're friends," Morgan said, feeling a wave of affection towards him
as she scooted closer and leaned on him.
" Yeah, so am I," He wrapped his arm around her.
" Otherwise, I'd be sitting here alone and wondering why I moved here..."
" Yeah?  That makes me feel better," He said in a tone she couldn't quite figure out.
" You wanna know something?  I've always hated New York," She said regretfully,
well aware how clsoe they were and wanting something to happen but at the same
time, wanting to back away.
" You're kidding?  Why'd you come, then?  Because of Gabrial?"
" I guess...He made it sound so perfect...And now look at us...We've barely survived
the first semester," She kicked her shoes off and swung one leg back and forth,
feeling alive and hyper but tired and wary at the same time.
" Do you think you're gonna make it through the year?"
" Maybe...That's always how it's been..."
" Why?"
" Because I'm dumb and I don't want to be alone," She shrugged.
" You don't have to be alone if you aren't going out with Gabrial," She pulled away
and looked at him.
" Are you saying I'd be with you?" She asked.
" No- I just meant-...I just meant you're better off without a boyfriend.  You
wouldn't be completly alone, you'd still have your family and friends," She eyed his
face and smirked.
" And what, Mr.Carter, is exactly wrong with me?"  She watched, amused as he
" What? No, there's nothing wrong with you. Yeah, I do find you-um...desireable...I
mean- well, you know what I mean, Morgan..." His face flushed an even greater
shade of pink as he fumbled with his empty plastic cup.
" You really know how to put a guy on the spot,you know that?" He shook his
head, an embarrased smile on his face. Morgan laughed as the countdown began in
the next room.  Nick watched the clock as grew closer to thee new year.
" Two...One,'' Morgan reached forward and kissed Nick.
" Happy New Year," She said when they pulled apart.
" Yeah, I'll say...I mean- Shit! How the Hell do I manage to do that?"
" That was just a New Year's kiss," She reminded him, smiling, getting off the
counter and tossing her cup into the trashcan.
" I'm gonna go find some of my friends, OK?" She said.
" Ok, I'll see ya later," ...

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