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	 		Two Weeks Later, New Year's Party
	" I'm so glad you're back," Morgan murmered as Gabrial and her sat outside,
watching the snow fall.
" I'm glad to be back...You don't want to go back to campus?" He asked softly,
stroking her hair.
"...No, I'd rather stay here...If we left, I'd be breaking my promise to Amelia, I told
her we'd stick around a while," They sat in silence for a few more minutes until the
cold air won out and they walked back inside.
" Let's go say hi to them," Gabe said, nodding to the group of his friends, including
Nick.  Morgan sighed inwardly, knowing he'd stay there for the rest of the night.
" Hey, guys,"
" Oh, hey Gabrial, Morgan," She smiled politely at them and they launched a
conversation about the big game.  Morgan honestly couldn't tell if they were
talking about football or what.
" I'm gonna get a drink," She finally said, excusing herself. 
" I'm gonna get one, too, anyone else want anything?" Nick asked. They declined
and Nick and Morgan walked through the crowded house in search of the
refreshments table.
" I'm surprised you made it," Nick said, studying her face.
" What do you mean?" She asked, a quizzical smile on her face.
" I just thought you and Gabrial would stay home and catch up," She stared at him,
knowing exactly what he meant.
" You're a very blunt guy, Nick.  Has anyone ever told you that?"
" Only you, my dear," They walked into the empty kitchen and grabbed a cup each.
" What is this?" Morgan asked, looking at it.  Nick shrugged and took a sip.
" Gross, spiked punch," He made a face and took her cup.  He spilled both their
drinks into the sink and looked in the refrigerator.
" I'll make us some Cape Codders," He said, pulling out the various half-empty
bottles of alcohol.
" Let me see...You are planning on getting drunk before the night is over, right?"
" Yup, and I'm getting you there too," He joked.   She hopped up onto the island and
watched, thinking about how boring this party was going to be if Gabrial expected
her to stay with his buddies all night.
" Here," Nick handed her a cup and studied her face.
" What's wrong?" He asked.
" Nothing much...Just thinking how boring this party's gonna be," She sighed,
feeling pretty tired.
' It doesn't necassarily have to be boring," Nick said thoughtfully, taking another
" What do you mean?"
" Well, don't hang out with Gabrial all night because I have a feeling that the game
is all they're gonna be talking about,"
" But it's his first day back,"
" Yeah, and it's unfair of him to use that against you, Mor," 
" He didn't..." She said uncertainly.
" Yeah, and I'm a brunette," Nick replied, sitting next to her.
" You know what, I was thinking, you'd look better if I-"
" Forget it, Davenport, you're not touching my hair," He objected quickly and she
burst out laughing at the expression on his face.
" You really suck, you know that?" She took another sip and silence fell in the
" I wanna know something, Morgan," Nick said, his voice serious as he thought for
a second.
" What?" She asked reluctantly, not knowing if she wanted to hear it.
" Are you honestly happy with Gabrial?" He asked, not meeting her gaze but
instead concentrating on his drink.
" Yeah, of course-" She broke off when he met her gaze.
" Morgan, think about that, don't be defensive," She looked down at the ring he had
given her and sighed, sliding off the counter.  She refilled her now empty cup and
was about to open her mouth to answer Nick's question when the kitchen door
" Morgan, there you are.  I was looking for ya.  Did you get your drink?" Gabrial
asked, completly oblivious to the silence in the room.
" Um, yeah, I did," She glanced at Nick as Gabrial took her hand.
" Coming, Nick?" He asked Nick.
" Uh...Yeah, in a sec," Nick replied absently.  Morgan's look had told him everything
he needed to know.
'Eyes are the mirrors of the soul,' He remembered Jody once saying.
" We'll see ya later, Nick," Gabrial said for the both of them and led Morgan out of
the kitchen.
" Gabrial, me and Nick were talking," Morgan said uncomfortably in a quiet voice.
" What?" He asked, not hearing what she said as he waved to some blonde who
smiled back in return.
" I said me and Nick were talking," She said, almost angrily.
" Oh, Sorry," He stole a look at her that plainly said 'Jesus, it's not that important.'
Morgan sighed and followed him back to the side of the room where his friends and
their girlfriends were.
" Hey, we're back,"  Morgan glanced at her watch, feeling another wave of
annoyance as Gabrial jumped back in the conversation...

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