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Chapter Seven

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" You mean to tell me that you haven't gone to a decent club since you've gotten here?" Nick asked in disbelief as him and Morgan sat by the library doors at ten.
" Nope, haven't found the time to,"
" Well, let's go,"
" Tonight?"
" No better time than now,"
" ...Ok,fine," She agreed, standing up.
" Meet me at my place in ten minutes,"
" Does that mean you're only gonna take ten minutes to change?" He teased.
" Fifteen minutes," She answered, laughing as they seperated. Her smile diminished as she walked to her dorm room. Gabrial kept popping into her mind but for some reason, she didn't feel as guilty as she thought she should. The truth was, she actually enjoyed the kiss and that was the whole basis of her guilt. She didn't know if she should go with Nick clubbing tonight but...He was only a friend, right? She shouldn't be worried about that. After some quick thinking she pulled out her black sleeveless dress and changed. While she was fixing her makeup, Nick knocked on her door.
" It's open," She called and he walked in.
" Ten minutes, huh?" He joked, sitting down and watching her.
" I'm almost done," She replied. Nick turned around and flipped on the TV.
" Jesus, another storm,"
" I love snow," She stated.
" Yeah, you're from Vermont, I'm from Florida,"
" OK, I'm done,"
" Finally," He said in mock impatience. She laughed and jabbed his arm.
" I don't even know why I hang out with you, you're mean,"
" Because if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have a life, Babe,"
" Oh, yeah! I keep forgetting,"
" Shut up, Davenport," They made their way outside and got into Nick's car...


" Nick, I'm tired. I don't feel like dancing anymore," Morgan whined. It was already four o' clock and she was feeling super sleepy.
" Morgan, come on, this is the last one,"
" No," She said stubbornly, grabbing his wrist and trying to get him to leave.
" OK, ok, let's go. It is getting late," He admitted, following her to the coat check. As soon as they got into the car, Nick's cell phone rang. Morgan curled up in her seat and closed her eyes as he started the car. His calm voice faded in and out as she dozed, not wanting to fall asleep yet. The next thing she knew, they were already in the parking lot and Nick had parked the car.
" Come on, Mor," He said, smirking at her.
" Why are you smirking?" " Cause you're a wimp, Hun. It's only four," " Shut up, Nick," She murmered sleepily, getting a little irritated.
" OK, I'm sorry," His tone turned more serious as he got out of the car. She yawned and got out also.
" The dorms are this way,"
" Oops," She giggled and followed him.
" Watch out there's some ic-" Too late. She slipped on the patch of ice in front of her and Nick grabbed her elbow to stop her fall.
" Sometimes, it IS important to listen to little ole me," He joked but his voice sounded a lot more serious, his face only inches away from her's. Their eyes locked but he broke their gaze and pulled away.
" Watch your step," He said, almost over his shoulder as he walked on. Morgan sighed, trying to shake herself loose of the confusing feelings racing through her head.
" OK, I'll be seeing you, Morgan," He said as they reached her door.
" I had a good time, Nick, thanks,"
" No problem," He hesitated and was kinda stiff as she hugged him. When she walked in her room, she felt a wave of disappointment, as if she wanted something to happen. Sighing, she quickly changed and crawled into bed, wishing Gabrial would hurry up and come back...