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Chapter Six

*Two Weeks Later; Beginning of Christmas Break*

" Are you sure you don't want to come with me, Mor?" Gabrial asked her as they stood in her room.
"Yeah, I'll be fine here," She assured him.
" But it's Christmas," He whined.
" Gabe, I'll be fine here. Besides, I have to work on a paper," He looked back at her, trying to convince her to come with a look of puppy dog sadness. She reached over and gave him a hug.
" Say hi to everyone for me, OK?"
" Ok...I love you,"
" I love you, too, Now go or else you'll miss your plane," He gave her a final kiss and left her dorm room. She sighed and sat down on her bed. She had called her mom to find out what they were doing for Christmas, wanting to go back home, but her Mom told her that the whole family was going to California to visit with family. Morgan looked at Corrie's side of the room and began to feel a little more lonlier. Nobody she knew was staying here for Christmas. Glancing at the clock, she decided it was time for lunch...


" Once again, Morgan, you and I find each other's presence during lunch," Nick said as he broke into the line, standing in front of Morgan and offering her a grin.
" Hey, Nick," She said, returning his smile.
" You're here for Christmas?"
" Yeah, are you?"
" Don't know yet,"
" What do you mean?"
" I can't decide if I want to go home or stay here,"
" Why would you want to stay here?"
" Because I don't want to go to Florida,"
" Oh. So I guess your answer's already figured out, huh?"
" You might say that. Who knows what'll happen tomorrow?" She looked at him, slightly puzzled.
" Why would your decision change tommorrow?"
" Because I'm tempermental. No, just joking. I'm not necessarily talking about going home. Some of my buddies were talking about going over to Aspen...I don't know," He shrugged and ordered his food. When he got his food, he hung around, waiting for Morgan.
" I got her tab, too," Nick said, giving the guy some cash.
" Nick- you didn't-"
" Morgan, it was five bucks,"
" Thanks," He nodded and they started walking out the door.
" You wanna eat at my place? We could watch some tv or something," Nick asked.
" Yeah,sure," She was curious as to where his dorm room was, he never did tell her.
" Sorry about the mess," A few minutes later, they were settled on the couch, watching a Christmas Story...

Morgan studied Nick's face, thinking what was going through his mind.
" What?" He asked, catching her glance. They were in the library, working on their papers.
" Nothing...What time is it?" She asked awkwardly. True, they were now closer then ever but Morgan realized ( or admitted to herself) that she was having more- than-friends feelings towards him.
" You ok? You just asked me that,"
" This place needs a clock," She muttered, looking back down at her paper.
" 12:45,"
" I shouldn't even be awake right now," They worked in silence until Morgan sighed and put her pen down. Nick looked at her, a bemused expression on his face.
" What's wrong?"
"Who cares what star is where and when the world's gonna explode! I shouldn't be here right now. I should be with my parents and my little sister,"
" Are you saying you prefer the company of your little sister over mine?"
" Nick!" Morgan moaned, already exasparated with her paper.
" Sorry," He reached over and put his arm around her in a half hug.
" Why didn't you go to your parents'?"
" They went to California to visit some people,"
" Always next year. Now, what's wrong with the paper?" She had even more trouble concentrating now that his arm was around her.
" Sounds dumb,"
" Hey, you do care about the world blowing up thing, right?" He leaned over and read the paper.
" It sounds good, Mor," He praised.
" Well, I still don't wanna work on it,"
" You're right. How about a little break? Let's go to the Manhattan Mall and catch up on some Christmas shopping?"
" Sounds excellent. Let's go,"...

" It's freezing," Nick exclaimed as him and Morgan dove into his car to get out of the gusty winds and snow. Their gaze met and Nick's eyes lingered on her face before he reached to turn on the heat.
" The car needs to warm up first, genius," She said as a blast of cool air came through the vents.
" Slippery road," He commented as he pulled out of the parking lot.
" Yup," They drove back in silence until Nick parked the car a few minutes later.
" I had fun," He said, looking at her.
" So did I," He hesitated before he leaned over and met his lips with her's in a gentle kiss. She responded fervently before she caught herself and pushed him away, her heart racing.
" Mor, I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-"
" We should get going," She said, flushed as she grabbed her bags and got out of the car...

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