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Chapter Five


" What do you want to know?"
" First thing on my mind is why did ya change your mind,"
" I don't know. I was thinking..." He replied impatiently.
" Next question,"
" Ok, why didn't you tell me your last name?"
" I told you, I don't know. It was stupid but it did give you something to think about, didn't it?"
'' Where are you from?"
" Florida,"
" Why are you here?"
" Why are you?"
" This isn't about me,"
"...I needed to leave some things behind, I guess,"
" What are you majoring in?"
" Fine arts,"
" As in?"
" Singing...I had a band back in Florida,"
" Tell me about your family," He looked at her doubtfully.
" Why?-Oh, nevermind-...My Mom and Dad and I get along ok for the most part. I have three little sisters and one brother...That's it,"
" Girlfriend?"
"...Not really,"
" Not really as in, 'I am dating someone but we're not official?'"
" Not really as in I guess I had someone back home but I don't think we'll make out for the long distance part and we were never very close," Morgan ate in silence for a few minutes.
"...That girl you were telling me about? Who was she?"
"...Um..." He sighed and pushed his spoon around his bowl of soup.
"...Well, I knew her since I was six. We for about two years..." He lowered his eyes, hiding the cold ache he had there.
" Did you love her?"
" Yeah. A lot..." He nodded solemmly, glancing at Morgan.
" How did she pass away?"
" You're getting too personal," Nick said abruptly.
" What was your band like?" She swerved.
" Music wise?"
" Yeah,"
" Well, you could call it a cross between pop and r&b,"
" Do you regret leaving?" He stared at her, thinking.
" I don't know...Sometimes,"
" What was the girl's name?"
" The girl's name?...Oh-...Jody,"
" How well did you know her?"
" We were next door neighbors,"
" So pretty well?"
" Yes, Morgan, could we just drop that topic completely, please?" They finished the rest of their lunch quickly.
" Is that all you're gonna ask me?"
" Why do always leave so suddenly?"
'' I don't like goodbyes," They stood up and left the coffee shop. A few minutes later, they reached Morgan's door.
" I'll see ya," Nick started to leave.
" Hey, Nick?"
" Yeah?"
"...Why did you decide to stay the other night?"
" You looked kinda like Jody, I was surprised...Besides, I thought you were single," With that, he turned around and continued walking...

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