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Chapter Four

Later That Night

Morgan glanced down the empty stairwell before she continued walking. It was 12:30 and her and Julia had just finished working on their papers. Morgan's wasn't due until the next week but had decided to finish it to get it out of the way. After an uneasy glance at the deserted quad, she hurried her pace.
" Morgan! Hey, wait up," Nick called. Morgan sighed warily, rolling her eyes.
" Hey," He said, his breath coming out in white puffs of air.
" Hi, Nick," She said dryly, turning to walk again.
" What are you doing walking around here at night ? Alone, too,"
" I just left my friend's,"
" Oh, and a crazy rapist would care because?"
" Right now, my main concern is you, Nick,"
" I'm not a crazy rapist...Well, a rapist anyway,"
" That's very good to know,"
" I take it you're mad at me,"
" You are pretty smart for a jerk,"
" Jerk? How did I become a jerk in the timespan of a couple hours?" He asked in a light tone of voice, not taking her seriously.
" You tell me,"
" I can't, I don't know," She didn't reply, just stared straight ahead.
" Morgan, look, I'm sorry," When she continued walking, he grabbed her elbow, stopping her. She stared at him.
" Not a crazy rapist? Ha," She said sarcastically, moving her elbow out of his grip.
" Look, I'm truelly sorry, Morgan," He said, his tone softening as a look clouded his eyes.
" Why?"
" Because I'm playing mind games with you, I know," He sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair. He turned and started walking again.
" You remind me of someone I used to know," He said, not bothering to check if she was keeping pace with him.
" Really?"
" Yeah, she looked and acted like you,too,"
" Who was she?"
" An old friend," He said sardonically.
" Where is she now?"
" She's dead," He replied flatly, hurrying towards the dorm building's door.
" Oh, I'm sorry-,"
" Yeah? I'll see ya, Morgan," He walked in the building and disapeared into one of the lower halls. Morgan stood in the doorway, stunned at what he said. She walked up the stairs slowly, making a turn to Gabrial's room. She had promised him she'd be by later and they would order a movie because his roomie was out of town for awhile. Morgan didn't have any classes tommorow so she could stay up.
" Mor, hey," He smiled and kissed her when he opened the door.
" Hey, Gabrial," She walked in and settled down on his bed.
" Ok, I ordered a pizza which should be here soon. What movie do you want to watch?"
" Something cute,"
" Aah, chickflick," He moaned, joking.
" How about Ghost?''
" That's a sad movie,"
" But very sweet,"
" Ok, cool. I believe J.K has a copy of that," He got off the bed and crossed over to his roommate's side.
" Here it is,"
" Good, there's the pizza guy," Mor watched Gabe walk to the door. Ten minutes later, they were snuggled under a blanket on the couch, watching the first scene of the movie.
" I love you," Morgan said to Gabrial, completely elated to be with him.
" Love you too,hun," He smiled down at her and a thought crossed her mind as they turned back to the t.v. Nick was wrong, things weren't getting old between them. She loved Gabrial even more than she did a few months ago...

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