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Chapter Three


" Morgan! Hey," Morgan stopped and looked behind her to find Nick leaning against the wall outside of her psych class. She eyed him skeptically.
" What are you doing here?"
" What's wrong?" He asked, a slightly smug look on his face as he fell into step with her.
" Who woulda thought I'd see you again,"
" What do you mean?"
" You're not exactly one to keep in touch, are you?"
" Miss me?" She stopped and stared at him before speeding up.
" You know what? You are the most arrogent guy I have ever known,"
" Is that so, Miss Davenport?" He mused.
" Yes, it is. Why are you hanging around here anyways? You don't have McKay's till tommorrow," She said in an irritated voice.
" Got my schedule memorized?" Morgan sighed and cast a glare.
" What, you can't answer any question seriously?"
" I assume you're talking about the other day...It's Carter,"
" What?"
"Nick Carter,"
" And you couldn't have told me this the other day because?"
" I like to stick in people's minds,'' And with that, he walked into a classroom and left her walking by herself. With a sigh, she hurried down to her hall and walked inside her room...

That Night

" Hey, Gabrial, Morgan," Both Gabrial and her looked up from their dinners at the campus resturant to find Nick making his way to them.
" Oh, hey ,Nick. Get your cd?" Gabrial greeted.
" As a matter of fact I did, Mind if I sit?"
" No, go ahead. Did you eat?"
" Yeah,'' Nick looked over at Morgan who hadn't said a word.
" How'd the exam go?"
" Fine," She replied, not bothering to look directly at him.
" Everything OK, Mor?" Gabrial asked.
" Yeah. Listen, I gotta go. I promised Julia to help her with her paper," She stood up and glanced at Nick.
" I'll see you later, Gabrial. And Nick...Well, I'll see ya when you decide to visit next,"
" Godspeed, Morgan," Nick nodded in a satisfied sort of way.
" Ok, that was strange," Gabrial said after Morgan left.
" What, did ya get on her bad side already?"
" I would'nt know what it takes to get on her bad side, I barely even know her," Nick said, watching Morgan cut across the stretch of grass to get to the other dormitories.
'' Did you watch the game last night?" Gabe asked and Nick turned his attention back to their conversation...

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