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Chapter Two

"So, tell me something ,Morgan," Nick said, looking over at her as they walked back to the dormitory.
" Tell you what?" She held the cup of coffee towards her freezing face, looking curiously at him. " Are you and Gabrial going out?" He asked casually.
" Why do ya wanna know?" She asked in a teasing voice.
" Just curious,"
" Is that your response for everything?" She stopped walking and looked at him.
" Not everything," He shrugged and started walking again.
" So, should I take that as a yes?" Nick repeated his original question.
" Yeah, we are. Since eighth grade," Nick whistled and cast her a sideways glance.
" That's a long time..." She heard something close to cynacism in his voice. They walked in silence for a little while before he broke the stillness in the air.
" Must get boring sometimes...I mean, you look like the type of person who lives for change, something new. Don't you ever just wanna break it off? "
" ...Maybe I do..."
" What's that supposed to mean?"
" Nick, if I broke it off, I'd miss what me and Gabrial had. I doubt we'd stay friends for very long,"
" Do you love him?"
" Five years is a long time. Yes,"
" How come you guys haven't gotten married or anything by now?" Morgan shifted her gaze guiltily.
" We're still too young..." She replied. In all honesty, Gabrial had asked her once, last summer but Morgan couldn't bring herself to say yes, with the excuse of being too young. Why? Nick had something there; she felt as if things were getting a bit stale.
" Then you probably don't know too much about the dating scene, huh? You've been taken since forever,"
" Just because I say five years, it doesn't mean straight through that amount of time. We took some time off," By now they had reached her door and paused.
" Thanks a lot, Nick. You really helped me out there,"
" No problem, anytime," He looked at her then made a move to leave.
" Goodluck tommorrow," He called.
" Hey, Nick. Tell me something about you. What's your last name?" He grinned, walking backwards.
" Why do you wanna know my last name?"
" Just curious,"
" I'll see ya around," He chuckled and walked out of sight, leaving her question hanging...

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