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Morgan woke up at seven the next day, still in the same position. " Nick, Wake up..." She proceeded to prod him awake as she stood up. " Whoa, it's seven already? Time certainly flies when you're asleep," He stood up also and stretched. " When do you have class?" She asked him, looking at the clock again. " Right now, Started ten minutes ago. Think I'll skip it though. Same old stuff about numbers and squigly things, What about you?" " I'm not going today," " Morgan, you skipped all of last week, you should start this week out fresh," " I can't. I have first period with Gabrial," She said in a whiny tone. " You can't just hide from him, Mor," " I know...Today's the last day," "...Does he know about what happened?" " You said it yourself. The day he comes pounding on your door, you'll know he knows..." " Are you going to tell him you might be pregnant?" Morgan stiffened and shook her head. " I don't know...He'll know eventually," Nick nodded and looked at her. "...What do you want to do today?" She frowned slightly and turned to turn on the tv. " You know what, Nick? I really need to do some thinking...alone..." She said, not looking at him. "...Oh...Ok. Of course," He nodded again, hurt written all over his face. " I guess I'll go to class after all," He stood up and slipped his shoes on. He looked at Morgan and hesitated before walking quietly out of the dorm room. Morgan let her tears loose as soon as the door shut, sitting back on the couch. How could she let this happen? Nick was supposed to be her best friend, not to mention, her boyfriend's best friend...Ex- boyfriend now. She shut her eyes, hoping to block more than the room out. After a few minutes, she picked up the phone and dialed her Mom's number. " Mom? Can I come home for a little while?"...
The next day; Tuesday
Nick dialed Morgan's number yet again and got no answer. It was after fifth period and Nick was on his way to lunch. He was worried about Morgan because of the way she had been acting the day before. He sighed as he scanned the crowd in the hallways, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Someone called his name and he looked behind to see Gabrial coming closer. " Hey, Gabe, What's up?" " Hey, Nick. Headed to lunch?" " Yeah..." Nick replied distractedly, still looking for Morgan. " Did you hear what happened with me and Morgan? We broke up..." Gabrial said, sighing. " Uh huh..." Gabrial looked at Nick strangely for his lack of sympathy. " You haven't seen Morgan, have you?" Nick asked, finally meeting Gabrial's eyes. " Um. No, I haven't. She's avoiding me." " Oh, sorry, Dude. Well, I'll talk to you later," Nick turned the hallway and walked off in the direction of Mor's dorm room...

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