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The Next Week; Monday Morgan felt her stomach churn again as she sat in her room alone. She had just called Nick and he was on his way over. It had been a week and she still hadn't said anything to Gabrial about what had gone on between her and Nick. Morgan looked up at the knock on the door and stood up numbly to answer it. " Morgan...Hey," Nick greeted, taken aback by her forlorn face. It had been a week since he had seen any sight of Morgan and he asssumed that it had been because of what happened on New Year's. " Hi, Nick," She replied quietly and Nick noticed a nervous undertone. " Come on in," He followed her in and they both settled on the sofa. " So, how've you been?" He asked, her whole manner making him nervous. " Nick, I think I'm pregnant," She said straightforwardly. " Whoa-Did you just-...You're pregnant?" He asked incredously. " By Gabrial, right?" Her eyes filled with tears as she stared at him. " Is that all you're worried about? Of course not by Gabrial!" She said unhappily. " Are you sure, Morgan? How do you know?" " Nick, he was gone for two-" " Whoa, I wasn't talking about that. I'm not intrested in your sex life," " You should be since you're in it!" " Morgan,calm down-" " I can't calm down, Nick! Do you understand what is going on? I am pregnant. We are going to have a kid together," The tears spilled over and her lower lip trembled. " I'm...Well, I'm sorry isn't going to make it better," He muttered to himself, feeling like a jerk. He took her hand and pulled her towards him, folding his arms around her trembling body. " It's going be ok," He said, not knowing what he should be saying to comfort her. " Mor, come on, don't cry," He stroked her hair, a thousand thoughts racing through his head. It took her several minutes before she calmed down again and pulled out of his arms. There was pain glinting in her eyes and Nick felt his heart jerk again. He caressed her cheek and she sniffled. " Me and Gabrial broke up," She said, sighing and leaning back on the couch. " Morgan, we need to talk about this," He expected her to object but instead she nodded and looked at him. " OK, first things first. Say you are pregnant and it's my child. Are you keeping it?" " Nick, I can't decide anything that big in a matter of seconds," He nodded and took a breathe. " Mor, listen. I know you feel that what happened was a big mistake, a rash decision but I don't regret too much. Morgan, I want to be here for you and the baby, if there is one. I don't remember much about New Year's but I do remember a lot of promises being made and even if you don't remember what was said, I meant every word said," He stopped, knowing he was rambling on. Another tear rolled down her cheek and she smiled feebly. " Nick, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have blamed you..." "Or slapped me..." He added helpfully. She laughed through her tears and rested her head on his chest, stretching out on the couch. " Nick, I agree...We shouldn't have been so..." " Dumb?" " No..." " Horn-" " Impetuous, Nick! Dumbass," She smiled again before looking up at him. " But I don't really regret what happened...It should have happened differently but...It did and it's too late to do anything about it," " Are you saying that you love me as much as I love you?" He asked softly, stroking her hair. " You love me?" " Yeah, I honestly do. I guess I figured that out when Gabrial left for Vermont," " Yeah, I do," He leaned down and kissed her lips gently. " Now that we know where we stand, we can talk about you being pregnant," " I should schedule a doctor's appointment," She said, starting to move out of his arms but he interjected. " Let's just stay like this for a while, the night is young," Nick said, wrapping his arms around her again as they sat in a comfortable silence...

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