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Chapter Ten

	Morgan burst out into laughter again as Toby launched into a story about a
prank him and his brother had played.  It was two am and the party was no where
near ending.  She glanced at Nick, noticing another bottle of beer in his hands.
" You're drinking too much," She informed him, pulling it out of his hands.
" Look who's talking, Miss I'm-all-about-the-hardlemonade,"
" Haha...Besides, I need a ride home and you need to be sober before than,"
" Right," She turned back to Toby and it was an hour later when Nick stood up.
" Morgan? Come with me?" 
" ok," There was something in his voice that made her agree quickly.
" We'll see ya later," She told the group of people as they walked towards the stairs,
Morgan following.
" We need to talk," Nick said, over his shoulder as he searched for an empty
" Why don't we go outside?" She suggested, hearing urgency in his voice.
" No, this one's empty," He pulled her in the room and she studied his face.
" What's wrong?" She asked, barely able to pull a serious face because of the alcohol.
" Morgan, I can't do this anymore," Nick said, his eyes no longer showing a hint a
" Can't do-?" He pressed his lips against hers hungrily.  She pushed him back.
" Nick, I thought you said we were just gonna talk," She said, flustered.
" Morgan, I really like you," He said softly, reaching for her hand.
" I can't just stay friends any longer,"
" Nick, that's just the alcohol talking," She said unconvincingly, wanting this to
happen just as much as he did.
" No, it's not.  I knew it the day we met and I've been cursing Gabrial ever since,"
He kissed her again and this time, she didn't do anything to stop him at first.
" Nick, we can't," She said, breaking contact but staying in his arms.
" Why? What's holding you back? Gabrial? Because you know that's some shit,"
" I-..." Her words faltered and she knew he was right but still felt as if she owed
something to Gabrial.
" Just let yourself go, this one time," He murmered convincingly in her ear and
Morgan felt her will power fade as he kissed her again.  She responded and Nick
pushed the door shut and locked it as Morgan gave in...

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