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Below are relevant web rings, specialized search engines, top sites lists, and other links sites.

If you like my site, I'd appreciate it very much if you could take an occasional look at the top sites lists, from here on this page of mine, and thereby "vote" for my site. While you're at it, you might also find some gems that I haven't discovered yet.

  1. Top sites lists

    First, here are some of the better top sites lists, on which you are most likely to find some good sites relevant to theistic Satanism:

    Theistic Satanists Top 100 Websites

    The following top sites lists don't have a lot of Satanist sites, but do have some very interesting general occult sites:

    Occult 100 Top Sites

    Esoterica Top Other Sites

    You may also find some gems even on the the following top sites lists, which, however, also include a lot of what I call "Brat Brigade" sites.

    Devil's Top 100

  2. Search engines



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  3. Web rings

    Wow! Here's a web ring with nice, short, simple text links! I love it!

    < ! diabolica femmina # >

    And here are some web rings with the more usual kind of linking code, which in some cases I've taken the liberty of modifying a bit.

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    Satan Worship and Paganism Ring


    This site is owned by :Satan_0

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    This Darkfear Dark Site
    owned by Diane Vera

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  4. Other links sites

    Dark Side of the Net

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