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Free web space, without ads, on

Free web space on, without those annoying ads that you are forced to display on other free web servers, will be given to intelligent and articulate theistic Satanists who first post for a while in our forums and who then request said free web space by emailing Diane Vera.

The reason for this offer is simply to encourage more articulate and intelligent theistic Satanists to put up websites and thereby, hopefully, to raise the intellectual level of the theistic Satanist scene, which now has a desperate shortage of good, thought-provoking books and websites. So, let's start by creating some good websites, which in turn can help us create more of a market for good books on theistic Satanism too.

To use the space, you'll need to know basic HTML, and you will need to know how to use FTP. Free online classes in these topics will occasionally be given, via online chat, to intelligent and articulate theistic Satanists who participate regularly in our forums.

Although the web space is free and without ads, we do ask the following of all owners of websites on

The URL of your own website will look like this, replacing YourAccountName with whatever you choose:

Alternatively, if you specifically request it, I can give you a subdomain, in which case the URL of your own website will look like this:

(A subdomain is desirable if you plan to use CGI scripts, which may not work otherwise.)

Together with the web space you'll also get a free email account,, which you can use either as a web mail account or as a POP or IMAP account.

The amount of space you'll get for free on your site is 5240 MB, which is more than adequate for the type of site we would prefer to host anyway, namely a site featuring lots of text and only a limited amount of graphics or other fancy stuff per page. More space will be made available to those willing to pay a small fee. (Exact fees and payment method to be announced later.)

Also, the space is free only for purely noncommercial sites. If you're selling anything, we will ask for a few dollars per month. (Payment method to be announced later.)

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